Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This _____ is what I'll need!

I had an older friend write to me to request my help in prayer for something that he believes with all of his heart that God wants him to do. He feels strongly that it is God that told him to do it. It is to further the Kingdom's business. It is in hopes to give others that don't know Jesus a place to come... and thus, a place to be introduced to Him. He wanted me to pray about it, and asked, too, that I would share with him anything that I felt like the Lord was leading me to tell him. It took me several days to respond. Finally, after much prayer, I wrote him back. Below is some of what I told him:

After opening my mail and reading what you wrote I as extremely leery of writing anything back unless I felt it strongly and it was a huge knowing inside for me to tell you so. I prayed yesterday about it, and have prayed throughout the day today, and I've told God that if He wanted me to give you an answer in any way that He would have to give me one to give. I walked into my bathroom just now thinking about it, just wondering... but not really even asking the question at this point, and as I leaned over to look at my face I felt He said to me, "Be bold!" 

"Be bold?" I asked. "That is Your answer? To be bold" 

And with all of my heart this is what I felt He said to me (not with verbalized words that are audible to hear, but hearing inside my heart): 'If it's for My Glory, for My Kingdom's sake, for My Name, and for the saving of souls, and for My people.... if it's to serve Me in My Kingdom; then be bold in asking for what it is that you want, what it is that you need, to serve Me with all of your might... Be bold! Ask with boldness! And believe Me to give you what you ask Me for! What would I not?... if it's for My Glory?'

Wow! Good point!!!! Why would He not? What won't we come to Him believing that it is HE that has lead us there? And if we say we believe that He is behind the whole thought of it, if we know that, then why do we question whether He is willing to answer us or to do the thing we need Him to do or not???

Why aren't we bold? Why don't we believe when we ask Him? Why do we think we must beg and plead? It's for His Glory for Heaven's sake! For HIS Name!! not for us!!! not for ours!!! We're being about our Father's business!! Serving and washing feet!! Teaching and equipping!! Let's believe Him to equip us for what we need in our serving Him!!

As a warrior, and as a child of the King, see yourself on bended knee before Him on His throne. See Him tell you what your orders are that you are to do to serve Him! Then, see yourself raise your eyes to His and say to Him, This ________ is what I'll need in order to do what You've asked me to!

Be bold! Pray audaciously! and believe Him for it! If it's His will, He will provide! Thus pray for His will to be done!

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" ~ Matt 21:22

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