Thursday, March 7, 2013

A broken silence


For someone whose voice has somewhat felt silenced, I sure seemed to 'say' a lot in all sorts of different venues yesterday. But... back to the same new friend that I had been emailing. She shot me a quick email at 9:25 p.m. last night simply saying: 

I was riding my bike with Jesus tonight and I made a declaration in your name with regard to your writing. I BELIEVE He will break that wall and your pen will hit the paper and sing love songs to our Savior. 

How sweet! 

I like her!

I wrote her back this morning: 

Oh girl! I will receive such a declaration! How beautiful that you took me along on the bike ride with you two! :) What a special thing for you to do! I love that God has orchestrated our lives to be brought together. May He bless you mightily and magnificently in all that He has for you!

I continued:

I would apologize for such a spill to you in my email on Wednesday, but I dare not... for what you first wrote opened a wound, it started a bleed, and perhaps it lanced a boil that had need for lancing. I needed the release of the infection inside me! Perhaps even rather than "it opened a wound," perhaps instead it opened a "womb" (or thus visited one!), and helped nurse the child OR the "seed" (the desire, the longing) within it! And so yesterday with such an 'opening', I had then to do something with it! I sat at the Throne of Grace, I sat at the feet of Jesus, I sat before my Father... and I cried as I spilled my heart's feelings. And don't you know, dear friend, that every tear is caught in His bottle! And that every tear talks!!! Every tear tells with liquidized words what the heart feels that the mouth will never be able to put voice to! And so, my dear Jehovah, He opened a river of His Own! He heard my cry (and heard yours too!), and I feel that He indeed touched my lips, and has released my tongue from the roof of my mouth (Eze 3:26a), and has started the beginning of a voicing-revival (Eze 3:27a)! :)

So.... dear friend, I thank you! I thank you for the thoughts and the feelings that you somehow provoked in your sharing (Divinely planned, I'm sure!). I feel refreshed and renewed! I feel like I've gotten my voice back! I feel that I've been healed of its laryngitis. May He give me eyes to see again with the lips He's opened... and then may I share what He has so sweetly shown to me!!!

May God bless your heart today and tender it as His is. May He give you eyes to see into the heart of someone you might have missed. May He give you insight and knowledge and understanding, and may He move you with His compassion so that you will do what He would! May you be the 'Jesus with skin on' to someone today that is desperate to see Him! 

I love you today! (I hope you FEEL it!)

So wow, today I have been soaring with my Savior! I feel that He has spoken to me as He did to the woman in Luke 13:12, "And when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him, and said to her, Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity."!!! 

Oh Lord, I thank YOU, and praise You for such loosing!

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