Saturday, March 9, 2013

But Jesus OFTEN withdrew to LoNeLY places

"But Jesus OFTEN w.i.t.h.d.r.e.w. to LoNeLY places and PRAYED!" 
(Luke 5:16 emphasis mine)

I have so missed withdrawing to my lonely places with Him! 

I am sad to admit to my negligence. 

Today I have sat at the feet of my Jesus and been fed!!!

I have not studied.

I have not done homework.

I have not sat down to prepare a lesson.

I have simply been with Him. Listened. And prayed. What a beauty-filled-full morning!!!!

Perhaps we have 'lonely' times, moments, seasons, on purpose? 

Perhaps we have these 'lonely' times in order to go away and withdraw to Him alone? Because, sometimes perhaps, if we didn't we wouldn't withdraw alone with Him at all?

It's been another VERY GOOD day. I've missed this for too long! For sadly I have been distracted by too many things. 

Today... I was focused on One!

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