Thursday, March 21, 2013

Show ME Your Glory!

I ran across an old email today that I wrote to a friend on 11/4/2005. It said:

I just had a thought: Why do we focus so often on the darkness and the evil and the ugliness of things around us in this world (complain! complain! complain!), when there is so much Light? Let's focus ALL of our thinking on Go(O)d things today... and not give the enemy glory in all of the havoc that he has created. For I wish to give ALL of my glory (my headline news!) to that which is really Glorious. Let's sing praise to our Creator and Savior with every word we utter.

Exo 24:17 says, "To the Israelites the Glory of the LORD looked like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain"...

To Sharon "the Glory of the LORD looked like" the rise of the sun and the mercies that He brings with it that are "new every morning"....

To David "the Glory of the LORD looked like _____________"....

And all day long Sharon and David saw the Glory of the LORD in all of His wonder all around them.

Let's have that said from our God about US when we lay our heads down upon our beds tonight.... that we saw the Glory of the LORD because we took the time to see it!!!

"Then Moses said, "Now show me Your Glory" (Exo 33:18).

Then Sharon said, Now show ME Your Glory...

Then David said, Now show Me Your Glory...

And now, let's recognize it and praise Him for it when it appears!!

David wrote back. He said:

It is just amazing at God's awesome way of making things and thoughts connect to His wiring and signals. His network is worldwide, and even bigger than that. As I ponder the question, "What Glory do I see?" I had just yesterday afternoon, when reflecting God's amazing grace and power, was awed at the sight through the window I was looking through. I shared with a co-worker, that no matter how splendorous the project, or how pretty the paint is, nor how majestic the architectural design on any building on earth, NOTHING matches the beauty of the raw sky and earth. When GOD shows off and gives us a pretty day, my eyes will never get tired of looking at it, nor does the scenery get old, because NOTHING beats the portrait that GOD draws!!!

AMEN!!!! Well said! The Glory of the LORD, indeed, has been seen!!!!!!!!!!!! :)Today has been a Very, Very GOoD day!


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  1. I posted the above "old email" and response to David on his Facebook page yesterday to remind him of it.

    He commented: WOW,what a beautiful archive you have dug up. This encouraged me tonight, just as much as it did when we shared it. God has power, that we will never fathom or see, we can't handle it, just as Moses was nearly blinded just from the rear view. Our most awesome highness, gives and reveals what we can handle, and sometimes puts us riiiight on the line of over doing it, just to reward and reveal His true majesty. Thanks for sharoning this with me. (:

    How sweet!!! I (of course!) commented back: I did not remember it at all. But yet, I do have an archive of treasured words once written that penned my heart and the heart of those writing me back... many of which, at one time, were yours. I Love His Glory! And yes to what you said, sometimes we see a glimpse of something almost too big to handle and still live. You had me grinning so big at your cleverness of "sharoning". So GOD!! I had someone else in prison say the very same thing to me last night! Thanks for being an instrument of God's in sharpening my sWord.. and helping my eyes to see more insight into His wonder!