Sunday, March 31, 2013

If they had had phones!!!

"At once [when Jesus drew His last breath] the curtain in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, and rocks split apart. Graves opened, and many of God's people were raised to life. Then after Jesus had risen to life, they came out of their graves and went into the holy city, where they were seen by many people." ~ Matt 27:51-53


Can you even imagine?!! 

Can you imagine the mouths dropped open... the hugs,... the screams,... the squeals,... the conversations, and maybe perhaps even the fainting!!! 

If they had had phones back then, can you imagine everyone grabbing their cells and calling everybody they knew to tell who it was that they just saw or were talking to! The tweets of "You'll never guess who's here???!!!"... The Facebook status's of: "You'll never believe this"...! The Instagram pictures showing proof of the live-walking-around-presence of the recently raised previously dead friends!!!.... 

Wow! I'm sure as "the risen to life" person left that the person that was seeing them took off to run to tell somebody else! I wonder at that awe! I wonder at the chaos! I wonder at the joy! I wonder at the tears that fell! I wonder, too, what it must have looked like from the Heavenlies! Not counting all of the "Ahhhh"s.. and "Oh my goodness"es over the Savior that had risen, but there were site-ings of people that family and friends hadn't seen walking alive on this planet for years!

What was that like? 

And then.... What happened to them???

Did they soon disappear to lie back down in the former graves that they had just left? Or, did they go back to their normal lives, and live until they died again? What did they say to their loved-ones? What questions were they asked? How many tears were shed? How many apologies? How many I-love-yous? How many I-miss-yous? How many I-don't-want-you-ever-to-leave-agains? Were there any oh-my-goodness-you'll-never-believe-the-beauty-of-what-Heaven-looks-likes?

Many of God's people rose when Jesus did!!! 

Jesus rose..!!! He's the Ultimate!!!

And now, because He did, we now can too.... and if saved, someday we really, really, really forever-after really, really, really really will! :)

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