Monday, March 11, 2013

I feel overwhelmed!

Friend: What do I do?? I am asking God.

Me: I think you answered your own question.

Friend: Thank you!

Me: You're welcome. It's a war! We must all fight to save!

Friend: I feel overwhelmed.

Me:  Amen! It's the "How-can-I?" syndrome! Moses had it... Gideon had it... Saul had it... Isaiah had it... Jeremiah had it.... Just to name a few. But it's God's comeback that holds the answer: "I will be with you!" God first sees the slavery, He hears the cries of the one oppressed, then He acts by SENDING one to help in their deliverance. It's just how He works. "Overwhelmed" can find solace in WHO it is that goes WITH him! Now GO... and do what you know that He's told you to!

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