Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ut oh! What'd I do?

Man! It's amazing the hot-water you can find yourself in before you even knew that you'd turned any water on! That's where I found myself today. I was in trouble... and I didn't even know that I'd done anything!

It had the feel (but was WORSE!) of going to the Principle's office. I shot out an email this morning requesting some information that was in all honesty perfectly innocent.... and it set a whole canon of emails blasting out to other people way over my head.... all the while, my ignorance hadn't a clue that I'd entered a battle and that ammo was fiercely being fired!

Wow! Ow! And now my face battles being red-faced... and I don't know how to tell you this, I didn't do anything! But boy am I ever being talked about as if I did!

Shoo! Some people are vicious! 

And evidently over-protective of their territory. I thought I was helping.... but obviously, I was perceived as trying to do something deceitfully and sneaky. In all actuality, I was simply following orders. Now, I find myself sitting in a pickle... without a clue how in the whole to get out of this!

I am so sorry! Please overlook. Please forgive. Please pretend I never sent anything...

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