Friday, February 3, 2012

It's everywhere I look!

Wow.... it's as the song sings, no? "He's still working on me. To make me what I ought to be....." This song (at the current moment) is in my heart to sing. Why? Obviously, because He's obviously working on me!

My God is doing a thang! He's "theme-ing" again! You know what I'm talking about, right? When every where you look, every time you turn around, every thing you hear, every thing you read, every book you pick up, every radio message, every word friends and strangers say, every sign, every sermon, every lesson, every Scripture.... every HEART BEAT................. When EVERY THING seems to be singing and saying and playing and remembering and reminding you of all the VERY EXACT SAME message! I'd say, God right now is going the extra mile in His redundant pill! And I won't say it's because He likes to be redundant and constantly repeat Himself. I'd say that it's evidently because He's not wanting me to miss it and He's going to the extra extreme in order to get His message across!

Wow! As much as He's saying, I still wonder, "What's He saying?"!!!

In other words, what's Your point, Lord? What are You leading to? What are You preparing me to do? What is Your Words prompting me to?

And though I don't totally know that yet, I do know this. I know that He's very obviously readying my heart to heed when it hears it! He's doing the pre-op! He's giving me puzzle pieces. He's packing my bag. So that when He gives me the call in His time, I'll be all packed and prepared and equipped and rearing to go. I'll be anxious to! I will hardly be able to wait and to keep myself from running!

And so then... Do what You've got to do, Lord! Prompt all you want! Penetrate to as deep as the need requires! Pierce to the quick! Prepare until I cannot help but hear! Equip what I lack! Enable! Touch my heart until tender! Pour in Your passion! Flame me with Your fire! Fuel me with Your mercy that runs! With Your grace that races. And Your love that does!

Oh please, Lord, help me to be that "Here-am-I-send-me" person at the very moment You're ready to send! And until then.... theme on, dear Lord, until my heart is saturated with Your message! Fill me to full and then to overflow, so that I'll be completely ready when it's time to heed to Your "Go!"!

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