Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mercy me... so I can mercy another!


Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Go and learn what this means, "He said, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice."

Where is our mercy? Everyone of us need it! And being that we have such need, why are we often so apt to fail in giving mercy to others?

Mercy isn't focused on the sin that's seen, but Mercy hears the cries within. Mercy has compassion for the offender. Mercy stoops to give undeserved kindness to the guilty. Mercy shows favor in its forgiveness. Mercy bends to tend when the one being tended to doesn't deserve it. Mercy understands and sees beneath the circumstances and its goal is to change the end. Mercy can see past the present, because it's seen the past and envisions hope for the future.

Lord, have mercy on me... and then grant me with mercy to take and give to another!

But all this talk about "mercy." Isn't today (on this Valentine's Day) supposed to be a subject of Love?

Love is a subject that rivets my mind quite often..... when I see love being shown... or when I see just the opposite of love happening. And when love is withheld or blatantly acted against, I don't know about you, but it hurts me! Of course, it's always easier to see it in others than in ourselves.

But as a whole... is that what you do, because (because of Jesus) that's now what you're made of... do you love... and love like He does?

For love sees beneath the sin and seeks to help the soul. Love (true love, God's love) is patient, because He is Love and Love is! Love doesn't hurry, but waits because it always has hope. Love is Kind, and Kind wants us to be. Love doesn't envy, because we shall "not want," for God is sufficient for all of our needs. Love doesn't boast, because Love is not pride-full and does not puff up. Love isn't rude, because Love genuinely cares. Love isn't self-seeking, because instead it seeks to help another. Love isn't easily angered, because Love sees the heart and knows the hurt or sorrow and longs to tend to it. Love keeps no record of wrongs, because, He washes whiter than snow. Love doesn't delight in evil, but grieves for the darkness and rejoices with the truth that gives light that sets men free. Love always protects, and under the wings of His feathers we can find refuge. Love always trusts, because we can lean and rely on Love, it's a safe haven, and a place of perfect peace and rest. Love hopes.... it anxiously anticipates! Love perseveres.... and shows His character which proves to be true. Love NEVER fails! People do... but Love never does! And Love wants us to love like He does! Loves wants to LOVE in and through us! Yet, do we have love? True love? Real love? That kind of love?

Love sometimes feels good, but sometimes, too, some times love hurts! Need we be reminded that love also hurt Jesus! Jesus' love bled for us! And you know, just as Love does, sometimes Mercy also bleeds! Amazing, both (love and mercy) are willing to hurt... to help to heal those who are hurting! And even more incredible, is that the mercy and love that we extend is also used to help and to heal us!

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