Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mad has need to DO something!

I watched true fury on a man's face today. He was enraged and wanted revenge. I'll be honest, the look was scary. Seriously so! It wasn't a face to be messed with. His fierceness was dangerous. His anger wanted pay back. And he'd give all he had to get it! It had need to inflict injury in its attempt at retaliation. Rage will very often sell its very own soul in a minute in its search for vengeance of some sort!

It'll sell its family! Its spouse. Its children. Its home. Its job. Its possession. Its freedom. I know this, because I meet weekly with some of those once in-rage-sellers in prison. When you make a deal with the devil, he robs you of all that was previously yours and leaves you to rot in a cell somewhere (no matter inside or outside the fence)!

Watching such fury, it's then that I realized, mad (deep furied madness) has need to DO something! It can't stay still. It must get up. It has to act. It boils! It turmoils! It quakes until erupting. It burns everything that it meets in its path. 

While watching it, it's the first time that God's command, "Be angry and sin not.." took on a whole new level of meaning. And the one that commands, "Turn from evil and do good..."? The level of perception for this verse deepened, as well. And again, I'll say as I just said, because that level of rage, that level of fury, that level of madness and NEED to "do"! It's going to "do"! It has to! It will not, because it cannot, stop itself from doing.

That's why it doesn't say, "Turn from evil and do right"... Because mostly when you're turning from evil you are doing right. It says, "Turn from evil and do good"..... Because God knows that "do" has need to be done! So don't "do" wrong, even in your mad and your fury; instead, "do" something good. There's filling in the doing of goodness. There's fueling. There's a dissipation of the once before madness. 

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