Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I NEED to write!!! I'm so filled up to full that it's past want-to already to need-to.... Actually, it's more on the total brim of HAVE-TO!!! But then again too, I'm so tired that I can hardly stand myself! I know that I couldn't stay up until I finished all that I'd like to share.


I'll sum it up to say: GOD! He blows my mind!!!! He's so incredibly kind!!! He's so wondrously powerful!!!! And He's good at using the foolish-things-of-the-world to get His work done! 

I'm humbled! I'm awed! I'm whoa-ed... woe-ed... and wow-ed!!!

I thank YOU, Lord!!! And oh, may I not only think about You as I sleep, but may You fill all of my dreams!

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