Saturday, February 4, 2012

I MISS seeing this car in my drive!

It belongs to my daughter...... and she's moved it to Birmingham. :( I thought yesterday as I pulled up to our house that I so very much MISS seeing her bug parked in our drive. The vehicle that carries her, that transports her, that she uses to ride in. Mostly I miss it... because I miss HER! 

Her first "PRISSSY" was the prettiest of pinks... but she didn't have it long before she totalled it. Woe, at the lessons that God taught me through that cute piece of painted Pepto Bismol colored metal (see here)! I love how God can teach us through any ole' instrument. I love the lessons He so wildly showed me using that one!

My son's encasement is of a different sort... and is often found in the mud.

My youngest daughter hasn't gotten a vehicle of her own yet, but can't wait to! And mine (a Red Dodge Durango) recently died... I am still mourning the burial of it and haven't, as yet, found its new replacement!

Metal skins.... that people ride in! All sorted in different shapes and sizes and colors. Kind of like the fleshly skins..... that our Savior rides in! Each unique to the individual! Each characterized to fit them. And sweetly, He's not only just fond of, but He loves each one, each instrument, each vehicle, each jar of clay, each skin made of flesh like He once arrived in this earth in... and now, again, is walking this earth in again!

Our Savior's still got places to go with things to do and needs 'vehicles' (skinned-ones) to take Him there. He fuels these 'vehicles' with the fire of His Word in our tanks and we have daily need to come back for more filling! Warning lights come on to warn us when the oil is low... or if our brakes or other things need attention and repairing. He's the Ultimate Mender for whatever our need! 

But wow.... wow.... WOW, when we think about it, what an honor to carry Him!

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