Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've been pierced!

You never know when it's coming... or what's gonna do it. And sometimes, you're not completely positive when it happens. Sometimes you think you're pierced, but it was only really a false pricking. Prickings cause us to feel for a moment, but piercings last until moving. Once pierced you can't lie there, you can't ignore it, you can't by pass, you can't do little. Piercing, true piercing, moves to do all that it can for as long as it has opportunity to do so. Piercing looks until it finds. Piercing moves... it moves fiercely and ferociously. It moves with cause and with reason and with purpose. It moves determined. It moves because it has to. It has no choice in the matter really. Once pierced, truly pierced, you can't stay still, you have to do something, you have to act! You have to accomplish!

Piercing may not know what to do at first, and thus, it may lie still for a time, it may lie dormant. But, there's still a simmering inside... and soon (sooner or later) a rumbling until it leads to a full forced outside quaking! It's eruption from inside explodes.... and you'd better get out of the way, because piercing is on a war path! Piercing draws its sword... and Piercing runs to enter the battle!

At the moment I wonder: Have I been pierced? Or, have I only been pricked? Only time alone will tell. But, it's been a couple of weeks now, and..... it won't quit, it's still simmering inside me.

What in the world am I talking about? 

I heard Christine Caine's speech on Human Trafficking. I've heard talks from the Passion 2012 conference that begs for us to do something about it. And inside my want-to plagues me! What, I wonder??? What??? What to do? And how? When? Where? The "Why"s been answered..... and now I hold responsibility of some kind in my hands. What will I do with it? Or, will I simply get busy and let my busy take my mind further away from it until the piercing's dulled, and the need to do something no longer feels the need to?

Today, against all that I'd planned, I find myself doing a google search and doing research on it. 

Human trafficking...... Wikipedia defines it as, "the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sex exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery." Trading humans, really? Selling them! Using them for production! Making money off of them! All against their will and their want-to. Human trafficking is when one person is controlled by another, and forced to work against their will and treated like property. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world!!! Second only to drug trafficking!! Billions! Multiple BILLIONS (31.6!) are made every year (in our day and age!!! on "our watch" as Christine Caine says) by human slavery! How in this world is that possible?? How do we go about our business, not knowing about it, or not knowing to the extent that it's happening, and not doing anything about it when we do hear? Mostly, I think, it's because we can't wrap our minds around it, we don't see it right in front of our faces, and we can't make ourselves believe that it's truly true and that it's really happening.

Today there are more than an estimated 27,000,000 (27 million!!) people held in slavery worldwide! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... 13... 14... 15... 16... 17... 18... 19... 20... 21... 22... 23... 24... 25... 26... 27 MILLION!!!!!!! More slaves are held right now than at any other time in our history. On our site I found it to say, "It's sad but true: here in THIS country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves. They are trapped in lives of misery - often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take grueling jobs as migrant, domestic, restaurant, or factory workers with little or no pay."  What?? HERE in OUR country?!!! And it is multiplied expondentially in other countries outside of ours!

So, now that we've been told that, now that we know that, what do we do? I mean really. What do we do? What will I do? What will you?

Now that we know, we're 'sponsible' (as one little girl I know says it). We're sponsible! It's up to us! If not us... if not me... if not you... then who? It's gonna take an army! More than one! It's going to take a little bit (or a LOT) of all of us to help in someway!

I've been pierced! The continual twist of the pain inside for those that are hurting, scared, lonely, imprisoned, hating what they're doing, not knowing how or having the ability to get out..... they NEED us! And God is telling us, He's seeing them, He's hearing their cries, He has concern for them, so like Moses, He is telling us... so that WE WILL GO and DO something! So that we will GO and help to deliver His people enslaved by the evil one!

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