Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You know you're gonna have to pay for that!


I was talking to my sister today. Mostly we were talking about a war that's going on all around us. A war that is doing its best to invite us into it. I keep reminding everyone in the war to: "Please, keep your nose clean. Don't say anything you shouldn't. Don't do anything you know not to. Let the other person dig their own grave. Turn the other cheek. Don't return evil for evil, or insult with insult, but bless 'em... because we're "called" to! Love your enemies! PRAY FOR them! Do all that God has told us to, so that you can stay under His protection!" I keep reminding everybody of that, because I know that if we jump in the fight, as well, that God will remove His hand from us... and instead of fighting the battle "for" us... He'll leave us to fight our battle alone. And oh no, tis NOT where I want to be!

In talking to my sister she said, "If we all could always realize that we'll have to pay for everything we do......" In other words, there's a price tag with that (whatever that is!)! There WILL BE consequences! Is the price worth the retaliation that you're planning? 

The good. The bad. The ugly. And the all in-between. They all carry a price tag! Everything costs! Everything has a price!

Doing good costs. It's cost is not getting to act and do what your mind and furiousness first wants to do.

But doing the wrong... sure costs a lot more! And it's cost isn't gonna feel good in the long run! You'll hate that you did it, because the consequences and the discipline is painful!

That garment you're about to put on..... check the price.... and see just how much it'll cost you to walk around in it! If you're gonna have to kill to wear it.... maybe you ought not put it on. It'll cost you more than their life... it'll end up also costing you yours, as well!

I only want to be found wearing the garments that are the most expensive! Those clothes with the ultimate cost! Those bought and paid for by the blood of The Lamb! May I throw every other garment off and out of my closet.... cause none of those are worth the price it'll cost me to wear them.

You know all those "put off"s and "put on"s?? God tells us and warns of those for a reason! We're mighty wise to heed to His warning.

You'll "pay" for that... whatever that is. Think before purchasing. Be careful what you're buying!

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