Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But would you be scared if you knew the end?

Life may be mean! You may find trouble in it. Trouble may come to you. Or. You may have, at times, been the one taking trouble to someone else. It's the world we live in. Life's a fight. There really is a Kingdom. And with that Kingdom, there really is a war! There really is a battle. And it's not just mean we're fighting, we're up against true evil! I'm sure that the main reason that our eyes are not unveiled to see the spiritual war that rages around us, is because our hearts couldn't take it. We would be gripped with fear. It'd probably scare us to death... and I do mean "dead".. as in literally.


What if we knew the ending? What if we hadn't just heard of it, but that what we heard really did make it deep down inside of us? What if we knew?! What if we really believed it?!

I was reading Max Lucado's new book: God's Story, Your Story. In it Max tells of when he was young boy in the children's choir. The local community theater was putting on the play The Wizard of Oz, and they needed some Munchkins. So, they invited the children in that choir to play that part. Lucado says, "We learned the songs and practiced the dances, but our choir director overlooked one detail. He never told us the story. He assumed we'd seen the movie. I hadn't. As far as I knew, Toto was a chocolate candy, and the Yellow Brick Road was an avenue in Disneyland. I knew nothing of Kansas tornadoes or hot-air balloons. I didn't know how the story started or ended, but I found myself in the middle of it. Dress rehearsal nearly did me in. A house crashed out of the sky. A queen floated in a bubble. A long-nosed witch waved her stick, "I'll get you, my pretty..." I was wide-eyed and wondering what I'd gotten myself into. Life in Munchkinland can be a scary thing. Unless you've read the screenplay. Unless you know the final act. When you enter the stage equipped with a script, everything changes. You know in the end the witch melts. So let her cackle all she wants; her days are numbered. In the end, good wins. Everything changes when you know the rest of your story."

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I've overcome the world," said Jesus! 

So let the witch cackle all she wants. In the end the witch melts!!!!!!!

In the end, good wins!

It really does end right. It really does end good! Our King really is coming! And satan and all of his evil will be cast eternally far, far, far, far, very far away from us! Don't let dress rehearsal do you in. Know the Script! Then, when you do, everything changes!

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