Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My very last day EVA!!!!


Today is my v.e.r.y  l.a.s.t day EVA to be 48! The clock is ticking... only a few hours left of the day, and then tomorrow? I embark upon a new year in my becoming (Oh goodness... Gasp!).... 49! Only a year away from my 50!

What awaits me there, I wonder? What has God ordained (before one day of mine was yet to be) for my 49th year? What has He planned? What does He hold in store for me? In this very moment next year (if I'm still here), what kind of year will I have deemed it to be? Time sure goes fast. It seems to get faster everyday. How many days, really, do I have left? On the calendar that bares my name... how quick will all of my days on this earthly sod be forever gone?

Oh Lord, I love Your wonder! I'm constantly amazed at Your GOoDness! I'm consistently awed by grace... by Your mercy... by Your faithfulness.... by Your LOVE that is forever unfailing! I LOVE the Author that You are! Not just a Father. Not just a God. (As if those were not enough.) But also, The Author of our stories!!! How do we ever deserve such attention! The ever-watchful eye of Yours that is so very much into every second of our lives! One who cares like You do! Who rescues us! Saves us! Gets us out of our trouble! And then redeems it all for our good! Who "works everything out"!!!!!!!!.... who alone, but YOU!

How exciting! I am anticipating my days ahead. I've still got breath yet... meaning, He then still has purpose for me here! May I be more than ever tuned into Him! May He make my ears keen to hear like never before! Give me eyes to see, Lord, what You envision! Give me a heart that yields! Redeem the years, Lord, that the locust have eaten! Make the most of my every day left! Use every single bit of it for Your glory! I long to do Your will, Oh Lord! I long to be busy only about my Father's business!

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