Saturday, October 15, 2011

What is love?

What is love? Love? What, really, does love mean?

Is it real? Does it honestly exist? Does anybody truly know what it feels like?

Is it painful? Does it hurt? Do you wear it? Or is it deeper than that? Does it run out? Is it only so much? Is it conditional? Can it end? Can it give out? Does it give up?

Does Love still love in misery and mean and madness? Does love still work when Love gets hurt?

Does it stop after a cruel word is said? Does it quit when it's been punched? Does it keep holding on when the other one don't? Does it still stay when the other one leaves? Does it still Love after it's been betrayed? 

Can love get fixed? Or, does it ever get broke?


Love does get hurt. Love bleeds a lot. But Love keeps loving despite the blood! Love forgives. Love fights. Love's persist. Love gets knocked down. Love gets beat up. But love never quits! Love never gives up. Love always remembers. It always tries. It always forgives. Love comes. Love dies to save. Love does whatever it takes. Love is real. There is real love. Love has a face. I know Him. His name is Jesus. I know... I've felt... I've got that Love!

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