Monday, October 17, 2011

He probably won't remember

My friend... the one I recently posted about... the one in the truck accident....the one that turned the 18-wheeler over.... He's still sick. He's still in the hospital. He's still in ICU. He's still listed as critical.

He has a long list of things hurt, or pierced, or bruised, or broken. The most worrisome is his brain. He has a pea-sized aneurysm there that the doctors aren't super worried about. Their biggest concern is the swelling and the brain's bleeding.

We were told today that they do think he's got a good chance of survival. But... he may lose most of his memory.

My daughter was horrified over that thought. And I almost was too upon my first hearing it.

I was surprised by the "almost." Perhaps you are too? But in the craziest ways I can't help but wonder if it won't be a good thing? If perhaps that is the greater mercy?

You see, he's had a hard life. A very hard one. And with that hard, a lot of bitterness. He's been places that my mind cannot relate to. He's done things he's hated. And others have done things to him that he's hated back. 

I think there's a lot of resentment and, if we're honest, loads of bitterness. And so... if all that's washed away and he can start over.............???? I don't know, but I can't help but wonder............???

I'm not suggesting it'll be easy. Nor do I think he'll like it. It has to be scary. I cannot begin to imagine! I'm sure I'd hate it. Like my daughter said, it has to be horrid! But knowing that God "works ALL THINGS out for good those that love Him"..... I just believe this can be a working-out of a kind to his advantage.

Don't hear me wrong, my prayer will continue to be that the doctor's predicted possibility is wrong and Joe wakes up with his memory. Because I KNOW that God's greater glory is renewing and redeeming the memory Joe's already got. But this I know, too, that whatever happens God can use it for good and for His glory.

Bless his heart... he's got a long hard road ahead of him. Wow, life's such a journey! Lord, please show him Your miraculous wonder and let him be a tremendously testimony to tell more of Your story.

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