Sunday, October 23, 2011

16 hours, 32 minutes and counting down....

I wonder when the countdown began? Well, never mind. Because if I think about it, I already know when it did. It started the day they went in. It's just today, right now, the countdown is way smaller than the number they first started with! One initially started with 5 years. The other girl, with 15.

The countdown is in hours now. Not years anymore. Not months. Not weeks. Nor days even! A clock on the wall ticks... and two people watch while their hearts greatly anticipate each tick and tock that the second hand is making.

I don't know the girls. We've never met. I know their names though. I know the length of their sentences. And their Monday's destination. But nothing more than that. And yet, I don't have to know more. I, myself, am super excited! I can't wait to meet them! I love the excitement that I'll get to share with them upon our meeting.

I wonder where they'll want to go and what they'll order to eat? It'll be breakfast time, so the options are limited. Maybe the Huddle House? That's the closest. Or Shoney's is next. There's a McDonalds. A Hardees. A Waffle House further down. And if they want to first drive, a bit farther down than that, there's a Cracker Barrel not too far away.

The eating is always such fun! Food, surely, has never tasted so good! They enjoy their food so tremendously that you can't help but enjoy yours in a way you've never thought to enjoy it before! Mmmm.... every flavor will be savored! Every bite wonderfully tasted. Every morsel delighted in. I love to watch their faces then.

We'll probably find somewhere to stop on our way to buy little things that they won't have packed in their bags. Little things that we take for granted. Little things that make up a lot. Plus, they'll need a few clothes, some undies, socks, shoes, a brush, some toothpaste, maybe some makeup, etc. When leaving a prison the only thing you leave with is the things on your person when you were arrested, and anything you accumulated while you were incarcerated. Seriously, it's usually not much. And it'll all fit in either a grocery or trash bag that they'll be caring.

I'll be taking them to Birmingham to a place called Lovelady. A two hour drive from where we'll begin. I sooo look forward to our conversation! What a reward to me they are! What a tremendous blessing!


Because... who can explain in words what freedom feels like????..... And though words cannot describe it, I get to watch and see a glimpse of the wonder of it on their faces! I get to be a small part of their new felt freedom for a second! I get to share a little bit of Jesus! And pray for them. They'll be free on the outside after 5 years... and 15! And for some crazy reason (because God's blessed me with such), I'll get to be a tiny iddy-biddy part of their journey!!! If they haven't yet, may they meet Jesus and find the eternal freedom that they're really seeking. And then, may they spend the rest of their days soaring with our Savior and sharing their testimony of true freedom with others! 

P.S. Meet Lovelady (the place where I'm taking them): 
The Whole-Way House by Logan Talbot and Nejla Harris from Digital Community Studies on Vimeo.


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