Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God only knows!

The last several days have been busy. Yesterday was spent swamped in the prison system. Where I'm learning lots. Some things are overwhelmingly discouraging. Other things, because of our hope and our awe of God, prove just the opposite. It was a good day yesterday. I can see our God going before us..... going before them..... and preparing their way to get out before their door has been opened. Incredible! And inspiring! Upon leaving both of the prisons that I visited in, I left leaving girls with smiling faces, a joy in their heart, HOPE on their insides showing through to the out, despite the bars that they're still imprisoned behind! Like I said, it was a good day!

One girl who's up for possible parole release on March 30th is so excited! She has such hopes, such plans for when she gets out. Not only hopes and plans for her, but those hopes and plans also include me! (((**smile**))) She's been imprisoned for such a long time, longer than most. She's notorious on the inside. Most know her, and if they don't, they've heard of her name. They know who she is. She's a comfort to many. When anxiety comes, that's where most go, to ask her what's going on and to look to her for advice or for comfort.

She doesn't just want to get on with her life once she gets out. She wants to pave the way for others. To provide them with a home, a place to come to, because many have nowhere to go once they're released. That's where I come in. She hopes we'll get to open a place together. She's heard me talk about it. It's also her dream. So putting two and two together, she's factored me into her equation. I can't help but smile at her vision. I'd love to be able to do that. And what I don't know, where I can't relate, she can. I can easily see where we'd benefit and need each other.

Who knows what's in God's plans, but Him?! But, I do feel an urging, a stirring, a rumbling, an awakening, a hunger to do what surely I feel that He wants done. As I said about seeing Him going before these girls in so many things so vividly..... I also know that He goes before me... and He is preparing my path!

I can't wait to see what He's got up His sleeve. I know it'll be good! That it will not only bring Him glory, but that it will provide for those He loves. For after all, our Savior Jesus came to set the captives free!

How I love my Lord and the work He is using me for! What an honor in serving!

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