Friday, March 19, 2010

What do you "No" because of what you know.... Or,


.......what do you "No" because of Who you know?

My husband surely thinks that I am the weirdest thing this side of heaven. I probably am.... but it keeps life from becoming boring. :)

But, we don't fight anymore like we used to. We stay in our own pasture.... in our own gardens.... in our own boundaries... not in our neighbor's fences..... no looking over our balconies at Bathshebas or King Davids! We don't gamble our life away... or abuse it.... or drink it... or drug it. We don't hate. We don't hold grudges. We don't spend great chunks of time being angry or mad or depressed or grumbling. We "No" better now than we used to "No." And we know what's important.


Because we know our Savior! And knowing Him makes No-ing what's wrong a whole lot easier!

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