Monday, March 29, 2010

My heart was about to burst!


My oldest daughter (Prissy) went with me on Saturday to a maximum security women's prison for training. Talk about exciting. Not necessarily the meeting itself, but the thought of her heart... her passion... her want-to... and where this first step could lead her. It was wild as a mom for her to go with me. My heart could hardly contain its feeling. If my heartbeats were bursting.... you have to wonder about God's and what His was doing.

It had never entered my mind before. I didn't ask her, didn't invite her, didn't encourage her.... she made the decision herself and it simply surprised me. Getting her signed up to go in was one thing. But walking through the bars as they clanked and down the hallways past the inmate girls in the dorms..... it had its own grandeured feeling! If given the opportunity I would have sat and cried. I would have loved to have stopped to visit mother and child with individual inmate to see what our sharing together could reveal. I would have loved to have stopped beside each bunk and held hands and prayed with the girls. Of course, that wasn't allowed and we would have been arrested ourselves, I'm sure, had my feelings moved me into do-ing such a compulsion! But unexplainably (without God) our hearts are drawn to them, our hearts want to help them, touch them, show them, share with them, love them.

I can't help but wonder at the journey and the opportunity that awaits us! I can't wait to see what God has planned and wherever He's preparing to take us.... to all the whoevers in the however-alls that He already foresees to change both our hearts and theirs as He woos and draws us closer to Him..... transforming us to look more like His Son with every day that passes on this earth!

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