Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walking down Memory Lane w/ my father....

....well, forefathers, that is!

Ah… it's a new Wednesday night adventure…… (on Wednesday nights that is @ Landmark Church of Christ)

I am so excited about this trip. I’m ecstatic! It looks like we’ll be in Genesis. A book that I find myself constantly coming back to for some reason or another. God keeps pulling me back here. I think the journey this time will be a bit different from any other journey that we’ve taken here before. I can’t wait to see what all that God’s got planned! I’m beside myself in anticipation. Surely, it’s going to be good!

No doubt, we’ll see more of ourselves here in this book in the lives of these guys and girls than we first think. For after all, these patriarchal families are just as real as ours are. Our traits and similarities compare more to our ancestors than we often realize. Their wants are just as real. Their doubts just as big. Their waits just as long. Their struggles just as hard. Their fears just as scary. Their faith just as trying. Their frailties just as wobbly. They were just as blinded in their tests as we sometimes are in ours…. oblivious often to their situations while they’re in the darkened midst. Ah, wouldn’t it be easier (or at least, SEEM so!) if at the beginning of a critical happening that neon letters flashed across the screens of our minds to scream us a warning: WARNING! Warning! Proceed with Caution! THIS IS A T-E-S-T of the severest and most critical kind!  

Yeh. Yeh.

I do believe that seeing some of the things that these guys do will often make us quick to wonder, “What are they doing?” and shake our heads at their reasoning, wondering why in the world they’d do what they’ve done. But then, with a deeper look, I bet that we’ll find that we have been guilty of doing those same things too. It’s easier to see the stupidity of someone else’s mistakes, than to look in the mirror and be brutally aware of our own.

Title of the Class: Living our life... and learning from theirs!

Synopsis: Faith, Famines, Feuds, Fightings, Family..... promises, pits, prisons, palaces...... dreams, disappointments, disputes, deceit, decisions....... The Patriarchs walk out an adventurous journey, and interestingly, we often find ourselves traveling on their same road. Come pack your bags and join us. We've got a lot to learn.

Prayers are coveted! As always I take it seriously and only want to go when (and if!) it's God that sends! And only want to say what He wants said! All I can say is that it's a fearful thing to say, "Thus saith the Lord." Dare I say it to something that He didn't say at all! I always go into a classroom with reverential fear and trembling (in human terms: hands shaking and knees knocking), but I dearly do love my Lord! Anybody in the area, we'd love to have you. We'd love for you to come!

Seeking to serve my Savior... and loving sharing Him together with others.

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