Monday, March 22, 2010


It's amazing where a Memory Lane with take you.

I've been traveling down a long-ago road. Got caught up once again in an old yesterday's memory. It seems like an old movie I once watched.... sitting somewhere in the dark in a theater's chair, eyes fully fascinated to a big screen, jaws slacked, eyes bug-eyed with wonder, with popcorn and candy and coke. Anxiously anticipating the next moment. Curious as to what next would happen. Wondering if the end was going to end right, end good, end just as it should be? Excited it might. Yet scared that it wouldn't.

Some old roads once travelled are hard to make real again. Hard to feel again. Hard to fathom. While others can be sparked by the slightest touch, a faint smell, a tiny glimpse of something, a few notes of a song..... and then, it doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter the year or the season, you're thumped back to a yesterday's year and living again a moment once lived.

Memories are nice to visit. But don't forget the movie's still on! The story's not ended! The drama still plays. The plot thickens. Still awed with wonder in hope for the continual happily-ever-after.

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