Saturday, March 20, 2010


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We "No!" grudges!

We "No!" anger!

We "No!" mad!... and we "No!" mean!

We "No!" hate!... and "No!" keeping a record of all wrongs!

We "No!" the fruit that's forbidden..... and temptation.... and lurking under the tree too  long!!!

We "No!" our eyes to look where they shouldn't.

We "No!" our ears to listen to what is not good for it.

We "No!" our lips to say what is harmful.

We "No!" complaining.... and grumbling... and ungratefulness.

We "No!" a whole lot more than we used to "No!" because we "Yes!" our Savior and submit thankfully to our Lord Jesus!

It feels good "No"-ing what we should "No" because we are ever growing in our KNOW-ing of the yes-es we have in the One Who died to save us!

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