Friday, March 26, 2010

Fanning the Flame of Fire Within...

Fanning the Flame of the Fire Within.......

Psalm 145 is a great psalm. I was studying it earlier and thoroughly enjoying the whole of it. But it’s the 16th verse that I wanted to share. The psalmist says to the Lord, "You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing."

In his commentary, Charles Spurgeon had this to say about that verse, "In spiritual things, when God has raised a desire, He always gratifies it; hence the longing is prophetic of the blessing. In no case is the desire of the living thing excited to produce distress, but in order that it may seek and find satisfaction."

Oh wow! I love that! For I know that God gives us our desires so that He can fulfill it. He puts desires within us so that we will long for it... to make us want for the thing that He wants... it’s His way of making His will mine… His way of compelling us to pursue His plan and what He has purposed. God will raise desires in us in order that we will move into action toward accomplishing what the desire was given to be purposed to do. Lighting a fire and flaming a passion inside us to burn for what He wants our passions to be. Scripture said that He 'satisfies the desire'… Spurgeon replies that God 'gratifies' the desire that God Himself raised inside us.

I LOVE how Spurgeon calls it the longing that is "prophetic of the blessing." Wow! He calls the desire itself a prophetic proof (maybe?) of the blessing to come!

And he says, too, that the desire is not excited to produce distress inside us. No! Rather it's excited to cause us to seek until we find satisfaction of fulfillment of the desire that was given.

Incredible words of wisdom........ worthy of whoa-ed wonder and much pondering upon! It incites greater passion for the desire that's been given to me. I just thought that it might do a little inciting inside you as well.

Whhh Whhh Whhhhhhh.... may I help to fan your flame!

What is your passion, the fire of desire that burns inside you? Hmmm... wonder at the hugeness of what God is planning to accomplish with that that even now at this moment is a planted seed inside waiting the wonder of the day of its fulfillment?


  1. I am so glad our paths finally connected after meeting again and again... It's amazing that our hearts just now touched! You are already such a blessing to me. Monique, I so love your heart!!!