Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where does hope grow?

I saw this today and immediately liked it. It jolted the workings inside my mind to instant processing. I began to contemplate. To wonder. To think. Here is where my thoughts went spinning...

No one likes illness, right? No one wants it. None anticipate it, anxiously await it, wish for it, desire it, pray for it, hope it to happen. And yet! What if we never had reason for hope? For God to do something too huge for us to accomplish? For us to not only look to Him, ask Him, plead with Him; but for us to hope in Him to answer? To do something special? Something too hard for us? Something that only He's able?

Hope is a good thing. Even the anxiousness of it. The hope in hope is something we need. We all need to hope for something. Maybe more importantly, to hope in Someone!

Where is it though that hope grows? What's the soil that breeds it? Where does hope come from? If not birthed in an illness, a hurt, a horror, a sorrow, a need, a desire, an unknown.... then when would we need our Savior? What would we have hope in Him to save us from, to provide for us for? Even more, what if we had no hope, nothing to hope in, no One to hope in, no where to look for our hope when we needed it? No Savior that was able to save us?

I'll still not pray for illness! But when it comes, I'll see it as the soil from which hope grows. Belief! Confidence. Trust in my God to help me, heal me, hold me, use me, manifest His Glory, as a vessel to display the awe of His splendor!

"Oh Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with Him is full redemption." ~ Ps 130:7

Whatever it is that you need 'hope' for... put your hope in Jesus! For His love is unfailing no matter the madness or circumstance, and He is powerful enough to redeem anything!


  1. THANK YOU!! As we wait for our court date on Friday, my anxiety level is rising. I totally agree with everything you said, but needed the reminder. This Friday, my HOPE is that the courts return our Emma to us. My flesh is ready to bust out and "get something done" but my spirit (and Bible) are telling me to wait and put my hope in the One who is able to do all things. Again, thank you for the reminder!

  2. Oh wow, mom2many, that's a BIG HOPE... and one hard to wait for! :) I'm glad you reminded me though, for I will be praying for you! I don't really know how the system works and how fast the transition is after the decision is made.... but I do so hope that you get to walk away with your Emma on Friday if it's at anyway possible that soon.