Friday, February 5, 2010

Seasons come and seasons go. Or do they?

The calendar on my wall tells me it's winter in my world  (though you wouldn't find the first inkling of snow in my yard if you looked out my window and I haven't a clue what it's like to drive in it.... But it's my post. My blog. My picture of choice. I'll pretend if I want to!).

What's your Season? What's your calendar show?

Life is made of different seasons. Always has been. Always will be. It's how God set the whole thing up and put the whole world into motion from the very beginning. A continual cycle of seasons.

Summer......... Fall............. Winter...........  Spring..........  Summer......... Fall............. Winter...........  Spring.......... Summer...... Fall............... all over and over and over and over and over and over again until time comes to its end. And with some? Some season lasts longer than others.

One of the coolest things about this World Wide Web is how many friends you can meet all around the globe living at this very present moment in all the different seasons there are all at the very same time. And just like the earth and its weather with all of its seasons we, too, in life, have different seasons.

Today I have a question: Once our hardest season comes (the worst season of our lives, the one that hurts the most, that causes the most pain, depresses, oppresses, overwhelms into a spiraling despair of sprawling chaos) why do some so often choose to live in it and not let the season pass when it's supposed to?

Why do some quickly stop and settle there and never let it go? Whatever horrific thing came hurriedly and unexpectedly in such torrents with a horrifying fury and did all that it could to huff and puff and blow our house down leaving us with a mess of rubble with its exit..... but (for some of us) it happened years ago, it's long past our time to move on.... yet some of us never did. We're still living in it! That season was 8 years ago, or 9, or 14, or 26, or 33, or 57, for heaven sakes! And if you'll look you'll still see some in that same very old season????

Perhaps it was a season (like the winter) for things to die (when things needed to die in us!), so that there could be a replanting and a springing forth (a renewing of life)... but we never let the Spring come....... Instead, we're still found living in our yesteryear's winter!

A friend told me the other day that he ran into a man that had had a falling out with another man that he had worked with in 1989. He asked the man what the other man was up to these days. And the guy started cussing up a storm, saying that he "didn't give a #&!!#% [blankety-blankety-blank] what he was doing...That  that [blankety-blankety-blank]....." dot, dot, dot. And my friend said to me in astonishment, "That was 21 years ago, Sharon! He's still losing his head and steaming and spewing his venom over something that happened t-w-e-n-t-y  o-n-e stinking years ago!! Goodness, let it go!" he said, "It's been 21 years!!! It's dead! Bury the thing!” he said to me of him, “And for heavens’ sake, move on!"

I was impressed with his wisdom! Spellbound by his picture. And totally agreed with him wholeheartily. We might need to bury some things ourselves, do you think? Maybe write it all out if we have to, put it in a box, take it out to the cemetery, and bury that dead thing that we've been carrying around with its stink for the last 21 years for real!

Has some thing long since passed for you, yet you're still carrying it waaaay past its season?

The rains stopped, the winds ceased, the dark clouds moved on, and the sun came to shine... and everyone around us knows that.... yet we're still held in its horror, holed in its pit, blankets held tight around us, toboggan on our head, bundled in our coat, in our gloves and with ear-muffs - totally dressed in a past season, when the Spring came! We're looking like an idiot. Still dressed for winter, and it's hot outside. People are wondering, "Why is she dressed like that?" Why are you still dressed in 1989 when it's 2010 for heaven's sake? Still wearing childish fusses and we're 76! We're looking ridiculous in our git-ups, and wondering why people aren't surrounding us to support us in our sorrow. So we continue to rally, continue to wail, continue to bellow....

To tell you the truth, it just isn't working!

We'll pay to have our hair done, our roots done, our nails done, for fake tans, clothes to cover our pimples and dimples, lifts here, and enhancements there. We'll pay to be sucked and plumped and pealed and waxed and for someone else to moderate our food ---- all in an exerted effort to look good! But the look we're portraying goes deeper than our outside cover-ups. Our INsides come out to overshadow what our OUTsides are masked in. We're not fooling anyone but ourselves! Just as we're pampering our outside we're often pampering a rotting within... and it's killing us! I'm not saying that it doesn't have its season... but are we guilty of making our season a life long adventure?

Why do we want to continue to stew in our stuff? Sob in our sorrow? Bask in our bitterness? Fume in our fury? Mope in our mad? Melt in our mean? Huff at our horror? And why do we want to pull other people into our pots to stew with us? We’ll look for those who will listen to our woes. We'll wonder who will ride this horror out with us? “Well, how long's the ride,” most people are wondering? And now that they've heard it for years they’re tired of it and want to get off! You've been licking those wounds..... for how long now? Scratching that same itch to still keep it bleeding. Singing that same sad song........and it got old years ago. Oh please, won’t you let it go already!

I'm just doing a double-check on myself and asking you to do the same... wondering aloud with you and asking: What's your Season? And are you living in it? Are you living in your current Season? Or are you living in your yesteryear's one that everyone else but you has long since left calendars ago? Seasons are meant to come and to go... but do we let them? Might you be holding on to a season that you need to let go of... in order to set yourself free?... and free your family and friends from having to hear it?

Mourning may have to be endured for the night, but JOY COMETH in the morning! That’s true… yet I suppose, only true for those that let it,

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity...."
Ecclesiastes 3
PhotobucketThis post so reminds me of another very, very favorite of mine. I have to put a plug for it here. It talks of a chair that we so often find ourselves rocking in! Click HERE to find it.

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