Sunday, February 7, 2010

For Girls Only

For all you guys out there (as if a guy ever really comes here to read this), this post is for girls. Every now and then we need a girl moment and a girl moment together with only other girls.

I'm having a moment. A girlie girl moment. It's that regularly scheduled program that is scheduled for women everywhere all across the globe that comes once a month. It doesn't matter the race. Doesn't matter the social status. Doesn't matter the convenience. It's a time in the month that no woman looks forward to.... unless we're afraid we might be pregnant and we're hoping not to be. And then we welcome the sign that tells us we're not.

But. I'm off the subject. Back to my girl.

With the monthly also comes the mood. If not the mood, then the flood of emotion. Tonight, my emotion bubbled up and wanted to spill! My sweet son's roar came out a few minutes ago to rage toward one that he felt had offended. His chest puffed up to take up for his mom. The words that he said when he left my room had my eyes welling up and filling with tears. I forced them to hush... opening my eyes wide and then even wider still in an effort to swallow the wet to keep it from spilling. I could be an emotional wreck if I let myself. Over something silly really. Or over nothing at all. Like I said, it's that regularly scheduled time that makes mountains out of molehills. It doesn't take much. Anything can set it off. Or even no reason whatsoever.

Not only that. Tomorrow is a HUGE day for me! I'll go into a men's prison to learn whatever it is that I'm soon to be doing for the very first time. Well, of course, that monthly thing always has it's perfect timing! And in a men's prison! Can you even imagine!

My husband's out of town tonight. If he were home I'd probably have too much pride to cry. Being that he's not here to invade my privacy, I just might go to bed and cry myself to sleep waking up with swelled eyes as horrific proof of my night come the morning. But surely, though ridiculous, I feel better after I do.


  1. Aww mother. I understand. The time of month has came for me, and boy did I want to shooooo it away! But at "the time", every feeling is on steriods, whether your furious, or balling your eyes out, its always over something silly.

    I love you, you are a beautiful person inside and out.. And I'm so lucky to have a women like you as a mother, like seriously! A best friend, and the best mother all wrapped up in one, could this be true?? Yeppp!

    Don't let another silly skinbag get you down.. after all shes just a skin bag. You let your skin bag shine for Him, and it shows! It glows! Goodness I am blessed. I love you momma!

  2. Ditto on the time of month here in my house. I started early and with a vengence (sp?). Fortunately the emotions haven't been to bad, but everything else has been a lot more...umh, well, a lot more and that leaves me super tired for some reason. I'm so thankful my hubby is so understanding. He surprised me by putting in and watching Under the Tuscan Sun with me. Just what I needed.