Friday, February 26, 2010

A letter switch away

Good grief, dude! Yes! She is!!!!


I just interestingly realized that the words "tried" and "tired" are just a switch of a letter away from each other. And while noticing, I couldn't help but noting that sometimes (often times!) when you've tried enough times... that the continual trying without successfully succeeding will leave you awfully tired when done!!!

I'm tired today.... because of a lot of trying that's failed and left me feeling exhausted from the whole trial of the thing.

Anybody? Can anybody else relate in this world?

Funny, when typing the word 'trial' above, I first typed it as 'trail'..... and being that we're on the topic we're on, I realized, too, that trials require a trail of trying...... it's up to you whether you give up (or not) before you're through. Not "through" as in finished, but "through" as in broken through.

Okay. That's enough. Basically all that this post proves is that, indeed, I do have a weird way of thinking. Goodness, though, if ya'll only really knew.

Still tired......... but trailing on........... I'm not giving up til I'm through!


  1. But through the trails (or trials??) that make you tired of trying, God is ever faithful.

  2. Amen! And aren't we glad that He is! He's always my Hope, my Ever-Present Help in need.

    Thanks, friend, for the encouragement. And I am so totally wonderfully excited about YOUR news about your baby-on-the-way today!!!