Friday, December 11, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!


"I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth, my soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together. " ~ Psalm 34:1-3

Hmmm... That's what David said. I will bless the Lord... salute Him, bow to Him, kneel for Him, congratulate Him... at all times, at every time, in every event, in every season, in every occurence, in every occasion.

His praise, His song, His renown, His fame, His glory... shall continually, perpetually, daily, ALWAYS (ALWAYS! ALWAYS!)  be on my lips. I will always be talking about it. Always be telling. Always be sharing the wonder of my Lord.

My soul, my life, my passion, my mind... shall flash forth light, shall boast, shall SHINE on her Savior!

The humble, the weak, the afflicted, the lowly, the meek, the poor, the needy... shall hear and be glad, shall hear and rejoice.

O magnify the LORD with me. Let us exalt His name together!

I love this psalm! I love these words! I love the concept! Always sharing the awe of our God! Perpetually and continually magnifying our LORD and exalting His name together! Shining the spotlight on Him. Praising and boasting in what He's done. Giving hope to the afflicted, the weak, the poor, those that need Him.

Yet honestly. Is that how we live? Is that what we do? Is that Who we magnify? What we magnify? Is that what we share? Is that what is "continually" in our mouths and always pouring forth from our lips? Is that what we talk about to another? Is that what we're exalting, glorifying, magnifying, microscoping  to each other?

We like to share! We like to say! No matter our ages we've still not outgrown the "Show and Tell" want-to that we did in Kindergarten. We still like to show! We still like to tell! We look for things to say. We search for things to share. But I wonder, what is it that we mostly find ourselves saying? Are we exalting our God? Or exalting what our enemy has done?

We talk about the weather. Who's done what in the news. Football scores. Who's offended us. Who we're mad at. Where we're going. What we've planned. What we saw who doing on Facebook. Who did what that they shouldn't have. Who didn't do what they should. We slander. We backbite. We ridicule. We mock. Or, we're ahhing over our newest passion, desire, lust, or our wonder. In all of that, how often does God come into the mix? Are we magnifying Him at all? Or too busy magnifying other things that in the end won't really matter?

It's an ugly world, a hard one, a cruel one, one that's not fair, and mean.... We're often quick to glorify the enemy and all that he's done, neglecting our Savior and what He did. If our faces and the things that we say through the day were our personal newspapers to be sold in the stands, would our front page news mostly splash headlines of all of satan's great feats in our lives and the pages be filled of his accomplishments? Would what God's done barely make our papers?

I want my headlines to read of God's Glory! I want mine to magnify all that He's done and all He continues to do! I want His hope to shine from my face for all of those that look upon me to see it. I want to tell of the KNOWING I know that we are all loved by our Father and Savior.

Who made the front page on your today's paper? Who got all the glory? What's all the news that you'll spread to all that you'll meet? What will you advertise? What will you sell? What will you share? What will get your praise? Who will you magnify?

"Extra, Extra, read all about it......" So, what will yours say? Because all of us are saying something. We're are say-ers, even when we're not even talking. How would your headlines read? What are they anxious to tell? Who gets exalted? What most is magnified?

If your words were a paper, what would your headlines read? What would what you say print? What would the ink on your pages be talking because of all that you've said?

On a sidenote, too, shall we turn the title to say another thing "EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!"? Why aren't we reading more what our Savior has to say? What He's written? What He deemed worthy of being printed and bound in a Book? For you. For me. for us. Do we much read His words captured on print? Or really care at all what He's written? Do we look to see ourselves? Or on Sunday's listen to what someone else says that He has? Aw... that He'd bother to have written us a letter! What do we do with ours?

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