Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AGAIN? Where's a camera when you need one?

I'd like to be able to purchase a camera that can capture on video the workings of my mind while I lay sleeping! Any inventors out there? I'd LOVE to be able to buy one! ;-)

I suppose I'm asking for the impossible. But boy, my brain stays in a stage of overload-working all through the night. I wake at all hours and am blown away. I'll be so whoa-ed by the thoughts that it's been thinking that I can not even begin to imagine that I would forget most of them by morning. Unfortunately, I do! Ugh! It makes me so mad! So sick! I need to start MAKING myself wake wide enough and stay up long enough to jot my thinkings down.

I was so overwhelmed by the profoundness of last night's wonderings that I thought I did just that. I thought I was noting them. But! I woke this morning, grabbing my notebook to add more, and to my horror found the pages blank staring before me, totally empty, not a single word written at all on it anywhere! "You're kidding me, right?" But it was no joke! I was so aggravated! I desperately tried re-prompting my mind to its earlier ponderings and found myself horribly unsuccessful at being able to do so. Argh! Perhaps it was a private showing that was meant to premier for my mind and me only???

I'd love to find a longer-lasting memory in my stocking this Christmas! Surely, we can be wired for memory chips to download and playback at will when we need them? :)

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  1. Uhhhhh mom that would be AWEESOMEE! i love you. and I'm uber jealous of your two followers.. well really of the other one, i want oneeee!!!!