Friday, December 11, 2009

What can I say? She LOVES to paint! :)

No rhyme or reason........... It's not that she goes out in the world all painted up like this. She just likes the challenge, the fun in it, the craziness...... It's just because she wants to!

This is my youngest daughter at home in Fun-Mode!

You know.... when she goes missing and she's up in her room too long, who knows what colors she'll be when she returns! I LOVE her creativity!

Don't you know that I've got a fun girl! We do laugh a lot and have a load of fun at my house! We're a crazy bunch of five. Each unique in their craziness. And I wouldn't dare trade any of them for anything. NOR would I trade our weirdnesses!


  1. Hey Sharon, I really love your daughter's make up, she's so talented!! she needs to do a career out of it! I so see her with Galiano, seriously!!

  2. Aw, achinar,

    You have made my daughter's day! She's soaring from your comment! Thanks for boosting her dream! She very much hopes to work doing make-up one day!