Monday, December 28, 2009

A computer crashing's silence

Well, my computer died. Could you guess by my silence? I'm using a computer that isn't mine, doesn't have my stuff on it, seems cold, feels like a stranger. I've been getting on every once in a while only to check my email. More than that doesn't seem right. As if my thoughts refuse to be typed on the keyboard of unfamiliar. It's crazy. But so. Even responding to emails takes more effort than it ought to. My husband seemed hurt yesterday asking me, "Why don't you want to use my computer?" It's sweet that he offers. How can I tell him my thinking won't work? my fingers won't cooperate? without my own laptop, my brain's frozen and rebels from even trying. Perhaps I'm just weird and shouldn't have typed it here to record it? :)

Maybe I'll type later?

Mostly, I can't wait to get my computer back!

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