Monday, December 7, 2009

Do we ever quit wanting to lQQk beautiful?

Prissy (my oldest daughter ~ No, that is not her in the pic!) went to get her hair done today at a new place a friend recommended. She got there early. Had lots of time to do nothing. Had lots of time to text. Here is her whole conversation of texts that she sent me. Hilarious!

Text from Prissy: "Lots and lots of old OLD people :) they are too cute. Havin so much fun just gossipin."

Text from Prissy: "Last time i went to a place with tons of old women my hair turned out perfect. Best its ever been. So cross your fingers."

Text from Prissy: "Whoa, very old lady in here. Like 90s old. And she still has long hair. :) that will be us."

Text from Prissy: "Honestly mom, this lady is rockin some long hair. No bun... It's so puffy. :) I need to take a picture."

Text from Prissy: "Mom, no kiddin this place has more old people than georgia road [a small church where my parents attend].. Like im amazed. We're still gonna have to do all this until we die? IT NEVER ENDS?"

Text from Prissy: "MOM!#($! This lady straight up came in here with like an oxygen machine!!! WHAT???????"


I loved it! It's so us! It's what we do! We're relentless at trying to beautify ourselves. Oh my at the toil of beautifying that we enslave ourselves with! And oh no, it never seems to stop! We never seem to get old enough to be satisfied with our 'all naturale' look!

True story! I was listening to two ladies talking the other day. One in her 50s. The other probably 75. The Fifty's lady was talking about her recent Mystic Tanning spray visit. While Ms. Seventy-Five year old said that she's never misted, she just uses the self tanning lotion in a bottle instead.

Woe! You've got to be kidding me!!! STILL, I wondered???????? At that age????????? Will I still be thinking I'll look better when tanned? Will I still have to worry about it even then???????

Vanity. All is vanity! I might can barely breathe, but I suppose I'll still be wanting to get my hair done. :)

old ladies

Aren't they sweet?! Aren't they beautiful?! Do men even have any idea at all what all we go through and how hard this is?

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