Friday, July 23, 2010

We're Do-ers! We're gonna Do!

Sin is a tempting thing! It's often hard to resist. Its lure is deceiving. It looks good! It appears promising! The wrapping it comes in hides the snare inside it. And once you fall for it and it's caught you, the trap is often one of the hardest things in the world to get out of. Even with the want-to behind it, it's that imprisoning. It's that deep of a pit.

But then....

Once you've finally worked your way out with the power of God and all the determination it took... what then?

Not too long ago my daughter was talking to me about it. After days of being determined to "not go there again," she told me, "Mom, I can't keep focusing on what I can't do. I'll never make it if I keep focusing on my can't. I've finally figured it out. Instead of focusing on what I can't, I've got to instead focus on what I can."

Amen! She's right! Focusing on what we can't do only makes us miserable and keeps us on the verge of falling again. We're Do-ers! We're made to do! Regardless of where we're focusing we're always going to be do-ing something!

I've got the verse for that. It's found in Psalm 34:14. It's simply put, but profoundly said. It's wise in its wisdom. It says, "Turn from evil and DO good..."

  • Depart from
  • Turn aside from
  • Avoid
  • Remove yourself from
  • Go away from
from evil...
  • from bad
  • from evil (pain, unhappiness, misery)
  • from disagreement
  • from malignant things
  • from unpleasantness
  • from sad
  • from unhappy
  • from distress
  • from misery
  • from injury
  • from calamity
  • from adversity
  • from wrong

and do...
  • accomplish
  • make
  • produce
  • work
  • act, act with effect, effect
  • prepare
  • bring about
  • execute
  • good
  • pleasant
  • agreeable
  • excellent
  • rich
  • valuable in estimation
  • benefit
  • happiness

Instead of doing what brings havoc and makes miserable... Turn from that! And... DO GOOD! Things that are beneficial, things that are if value, that are rich and excellent, that are pleasant, that brings happiness.

I like that. We're made to do. We're gonna do. We're Do-ers. That's what we were created for. It's not To-Do or NOT-To-Do! It's what you're do-ing that counts. It matters at the end of the day what you've done.  It just depends on what you're do-ing that either makes sad or produces happiness.

If it's not a good thing...TURN FROM IT... and do a worth-while thing!


  1. Hey bestest friend!!! I love you bunches and much and then some..... always and all ways!

  2. What a great post! Loved the it's not what To Do or Not To Do but what I am Doing...!!!