Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We couldn't... so they did!

We totally had one of the very best nights E~V~E~R!

Our inmate girls just finished a two year program. Tonight we had their graduation. Diplomas and all. It was such fun! I was so proud of them. It's hard work to last that long, to give that much time, to be that committed, to refuse to quit when the want-to hit and persevere after it. 

We wanted to throw them a party. We did for our Work Release girls. But the warden in this particular prison refused our request. And... being that we couldn't throw them one... they simply threw one for us instead!


How sweet! I wanted to cry all the way home. It's been a sappy day, why not add to that and cry more? I kept thinking that though they don't have much everyone pooled together and gave what they did! We had popcorn, and cookies, and "prison smores," and small sandwiches, and canned cokes. When asked how they got the sandwiches, we were told that they got them in the sandwich line. They bought several and cut them up to make them multiply into enough. They were good. Perfect. But the thought and the price even more!



How can you thank such hearts as theirs? We went into the prison to bless and we're the ones that are daily reaping the blessing.

We weren't only proud of them, they were proud of themselves. It showed. They grinned. As my husband would have put it, they glowed! We all laughed and cried and shared stories and jokes with each other. There's a sisterhood among them, and we are included as one of their sisters! I loved every minute of it! There is grace, and love, and sacrificial lives living their sentences out in the prisons! I know. I've met them. And I feel God's favor for giving me an opportunity to serve and be served by those ladies in their uniform whites with robes of white awaiting them in Heaven.

PWHD, indeed! Princess Warriors in Human Disguise!... I know Jesus is loving living out the Display of His Splendor in their skins!

Here are pics... not of tonight's group, but of some of the girls in the other prison


  1. What a blessing! What a story! God is so good to bring people into our lives that we can touch through Him and they end up doing the same for us.

  2. Just pure joy to see all those beautiful faces!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    (I do have to ask...what is a prison smore? Is it much different than the kind I am thinking of? :) )
    I will keep praying for this ministry.
    Blessings to you Sharon,

  3. Thanks you two, aren't they beautiful! Can't you see how they've stolen my heart and why it's such an honor to serve them! Thanks, sweet friend, ALWAYS for the prayers! Wonder at all of its power and effect behind it???

    Prison smores? Similar to ours, but... they make it with whatever they have to put it together with. I sooo wish I had pictures of what they put together. They literally used a trash bag as a bowl for the popcorn they popped for us!!! Priceless! And perfect!!! OH, how I love them!!!