Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sixteen already???!!

My little girl turned 16 today...... how did this little thing grow up to be so big so fast? She makes me laugh so hard! And love more than I ever knew that I could! Happy Birthday, Sabrina, you're one of the dearest girls I know! Dear Lord, thank You for the wonders You've given me in the three babes You've let me borrow through birth! Each one's a treasure that I could not fathom, so precious, so darling, so stupendous, and so unique.

Dear Sabrina,

Now where do I start with the wonder of you? Wow, you were a SURPRISE!!!.. and a joy from the very beginning. My goodness, you were (and still ARE!) the cutest thing! With your dark hair and blue eyes and sweet chubby cheeks! At church, it didn't take long, you quickly became everybody's favorite! You not only made everybody that was around you laugh, but you had a gift for making them feel special. They all felt that they were the favored! Everyone told me how you liked them the most. The competition to was hilarious! And wildly, you had a super-special gift for making those without children (that desperately wanted children) feel special the most. It was the wildest thing! Remember Halo and Sandy… and then, Donna and George? They loved you for how much attention you gave them. They felt you were theirs! I loved how you loved them! Even Mark felt you felt him special. I so loved how you did that! I still do!  remember them talking to me, they would tell me that it’s like somehow you knew. And wildly (like I said), it seemed like you did!

I loved that even as a little-bitty girl you were content to play with others or content, too, to be all by yourself. You could entertain yourself perfectly for hours, when most children want to be entertained by somebody else or they’re miserable. No. Not you. Your creative little self would find something creative to do. It still does! You can get lost in your room with your thoughts and your stuff all day if you’ve got the time to…. working on something secretly. Simply happy in what you’re doing where you are.

Oh my goodness, remember bitiing that little girl's face at Mother's Day Out? Woe, she wore those teethmarks and that bruise for days! I was so hugely embarrassed! I've forgotten what she did that warranted the penalty, but horrors, her mom was none too thrilled about it! And I hated its constant reminder!

You used to always tell me you were going to have 10 babies and 10 swimming pools when you grew up. And every single new baby-doll we bought you, you named them all the same. Remember that? Every next doll you got, I'd asked you, "Sabrina, what are you going to name her?" And every single time you'd look around and think real hard and say (like you've never said before, yet everytime did), "I'm going to name her Sabby." I'd laugh and act all surprised! We had a gazillion Sabbys! And everyone preciously loved!

I love your creativeness... especially with make-up. WHO does that, but you??? Or your creativeness with any other thing that you put your mind to. Man, you've come up with some wild things! It makes me so wonder what you’ll be when you grow up? I admire you for never giving up when you struggled so hard with learning. I am amazed at how you did what you did when you couldn’t (for a long time) make the words make sense to you. My conclusion was how smart you are! Tremendously smart to have managed how you did for as long as you did! Wow! You just learned a different way of doing it, which proved a whole lot smarter in the long run. I admired your persistence in your struggle and not giving up, not letting it get you down (or at least not letting it make you stay there if it did).

And now, of all three of my children, you are my adventuress! You are always looking for an excursion, a creek to wade in, a lake to play in, a field to camp in, a mountain to climb, a cliff to jump from…. and now, a JEEP to take you to all of those places! Okay… the jeep was a bit of a detour, but it sooo seems to fit with the motif of all of your trails that you love to wander on. Sabrina, I soooo hope you get it!!! And my goodness, I can’t believe that it’s time to! Goodness, I can’t believe you’re already sixteen!

Remember (and of course you do) the night that you cried on my bed for so long because of your want to do right and your want for your friend to do right too? I so admired you for that! That takes more guts and more character than following the crowd does. Or simply not caring at all where they go and what they do. That’s hard. But that’s what Jesus is all about. I don’t know if there was a moment ever when I was more proud of you. Standing up for Jesus and standing firm in how He’s commanded us to live is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. But then, not really! For it’s the life that lives in rebellion that costs the most… it’s that live that will be the hardest in the long run. For it’s fun for a while, but then eventually the sin catches up with you and you’re so caught in its trap by then, and it’s already robbed so much of you that it seems that it’s impossible to get out of and turn your life around. Remember the enemy is deceitful. He’s good at making wrong look attractive, look fun, look harmless, look too irresistible to pass. Stay close to God and keep your life centered in Him and you’ll know when satan’s deception knocks.

I know God has great plans for you!!! We don’t always know what they are, but He does! Goodness, He knew while He was knitting you in my womb! What's wild is that He knew even  before then! He has a plan! He has a purpose! He has a will for your life! He created you and made you for a specific something! You have to keep seeking Him and asking Him and He will show it to you and equip and lead you there. He loves to stretch us from our Comfort Zone, but that’s so that we’ll rely on Him and not rely on our own power. Stepping out and doing what we know we can’t without Him is an adventure in itself and some of the funnest of things ever!

Which reminds me of the devotional you did for school. I was so proud of you in that! You’ve got such a great heart, Sabrina!! Such a tender one! I love how you love what people often think is unlovely. I love how you can make a lesson out of just about anything. I love when you write (you just need to start posting it!)!!! Wow, at what insight you have! I love your tenderness. And my, I love how hard you’re willing to work! I know you know this, but out of my three… who else works as hard as you’re willing to?

You’re one of my greatest treasures! You are absolutely beautiful… stunningly so… both inside and out! And I have never been more proud to call myself mom to the three sweetest children that I know of!

If you’ll follow the wisdom given in Proverbs 3:3-6, then your walk will be straight and you’ll live a blast of a life with our Lord, “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of the God and man. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him (ask Him), and He will make your paths straight.” ….. Another version says of that last part, “Seek His will in ALL you do, and He will show you which path to take.”

May you LOVE God more than any other thing always for all of your life and may you live being a Great Display of your Lord's Splendor!!! Show Him loud! Show Him bright! And help to light the pathway for others!

I love you, Sabrina Wynn Lee,
more than words can say...
more than all of this earth and everything in it!
I’ll love you for always and all ways and forever!
I thank God so very much for you!

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