Saturday, July 17, 2010

A bad mood in the forecast!

Beep! Beep! Beep! The National Weather Service has issued a warning. There is a severe thunderstorm moving into the immediate area. An advisory is also for the surrounding areas. There have been numerous trees that have been blown over and powerlines down. Take cover! Use extreme caution. Stay inside. Get to an innermost room or under a sturdy surface or staircase. Forecasters say that the storm is capable of producing multiple tornados. Radar shows damaging hail and wind gusts of up to 72 miles per hour and possibly on the increase. 

Not that I wanted to. But all day I could see a bad mood in the forecast! I felt that I needed to send out an alert! And with my thinking, it made me think of how much damage a thunderstorm can do! Especially with the strong winds (the angered breath of one's words) and tornados (targeted fury) that it produces knocking down buildings and powerlines and wreaking disaster and leaving havoc in its wake. It's mean and ferocious! It doesn't care whose in its path or whose house it takes out. Not only that, one thunderstorm often has other storms break off from it causing more destruction in other areas too. Woe, at how contagious it is! Its power is destructive and mighty!

A storm isn't scheduled and doesn't ask if this is a good time. It doesn't require a good reason for coming. It comes uninvited and whether we want it to or not. It does what it wants to, there's no controlling it. Only God can turn it or Jesus peace and still it. But yes, just like then, Jesus can still speak to our storms and stop it completely in its tracks.

I felt like I was on the verge of becoming "a roaring lion seeking who I could devour." Horrors! For that is the description of the enemy, and I didn't want to adopt his trait and his spirit. I wanted, instead, to have the Spirit of my Father and show me as a child of His.

I kept telling God, "the joy of the Lord is my strength" in hopes that He'd send me some. The answer I felt from Him that kept resonating in my bones was that this time your strength will be found in some sleep.. for I have been extremely overloaded and sleep deprived!

A bad mood doesn't look good on anybody. It isn't pretty, doesn't act pretty, doesn't produce pretty, doesn't leave anyone else around it feeling pretty either. Shooo.... I felt the forecast, heard the warnings, and cried out to my Savior that once walked on water. What I can say is this... That when we cry out to Him, He's always faithful and always able. He's spoke to my storm, stilled the winds, and peaced my world! Oh, what a Savior we serve!

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