Friday, July 9, 2010

Speaking of loving my girls!!!!

I do love my inmates group. BUT! There are two girls that I especially love and adore the absolute most! They belong to me! They're mine... or at least loaned to me from God for a time! One's been living with me for 19 years. The other for soon to be 16. Both were birthed from my own body. They're different, but in so many ways the spitting image of their mother! Both as crazy as they come! Both super kind-hearted! Both like to laugh and talk a lot! Both seekers of good-times. The youngest is my Go-Go Girl... for she lives for go-ing! The oldest right now is flipping on fire for the awe and wonder of her Savior! They both are treasured blessings that love and seek to know God, wanting to live to honor and serve Him! I am so proud of them!!! With those two, plus my man and my man-child, I feel like the most blessed person I know!

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  1. Your daughters are beautiful! Isn't it a joy and blessing to watch them grow!!