Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some things are just too big to tell

That's the way I feel about most of my life right now... a whole lot of it is just plain out too big to tell. God has been rocking our world! Out-doing Himself! Showing up everywhere! Speaking in everything! Thrilling us at every turn! My husband's ecstatic. My oldest daughter is so soaring on Cloud God! I'm whoa-ing in wonder. And my youngest two are about to embark in their own two week "set-apart" adventure seeking Him at a camp that's totally all focused on and consumed in Jesus. How can I thank Him enough for all that He's doing in our worlds?!

It's God-this and God-that all over the place at my house. We're all scambling on top of everyone else's conversations wanting to share the next thing He's done in our moment. I love it! I've never had such fun!

God is especially wow-ing my oldest daughter. She can't fathom His goodness... nor His fun! He's going over and beyond in His woo-ing her and showing her His favor. She can barely ask Him a question or tell Him what she wants before He's answering her already and giving her what she's asked for. She wrote to me during the sermon on Sunday telling me that He was trying to be too cute, for the preacher was saying to her again all that God has already been saying!

She was at a friend's house last night, her and another girl, sharing the awe of their Lord together. I kept texting her from hour to hour wondering when she'd come home. She was basking at 12... and basking at 1.. and basking at 2... and still basking at 3... and then finally at 4 she texted me saying this, "I'm spending the night! God is sooooooo cool! I'm so happy, I was textin Justin and he said, "Are you drunk" I said,, "my cup is overflowing with Him".. he didn't get it. haha. I've turned into YOU! Scary!" 

I laughed and texted her back, "Oh good. Glad you're enjoying God's splendor. night. I love you. God is the God of wonder and miracles. I've told you a thousand times that He is the funnest thing I know. My biggest thrill daily. Who can explain it unless you know? Talk about drunk, God told us not to be drunk on wine, but to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Love your fullness to overflowing and your drunkness on Him!"

Can you tell we're having a feast of our Savior at my house? Loving our Lord out loud together. Gapping about the Goodness of God. And seriously basking in His wonder, wanting to share Him, wanting to show Him, wanting to serve Him because of His mercy and grace and the kindness He pours so laviously on us!

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