Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dreaming of the vehicle she'll drive!

Tomorrow is my daughter's 16th birthday! Woe, is she ever excited! I'm not so old that I don't remember when..... I soooo remember.... I soooo know the feeling!

She's not only dreaming of driving... but dreaming of vehicles, a car of her own... perferably a pink Jeep Wrangler! Hey, that would do! But so would a white one, or black, or purple, or blue! :) Awww.... the dreams that we dream... and the fun that we have while dreaming them!

Wildly, forgetting that I'd written this, I ran across a prayer that I'd written last year on the eve of my son's 16th birthday. I loved it. How fitting. I thought I'd share. I can't believe where all God has taken me since!

May 12, 2009
Ah Heavenly Father,

Today is my baby boy's last day E-V-E-R  to be 15. Tomorrow is his 16th birthday. And he is so excited!!! A bit disappointed too, I suppose, though trying hard not to be. He's boiling over with enthusiam at soon being able to drive on his own... but woe, does he ever wants some wheels of his own to call "his" alone to drive! Oh wow, Lord, You have (again!) been teaching me a lot about vehicles (jars of clay, vessels, tents, tabernacles... You're just needing and wanting willing vehicles to ride in on) while he searches and longs and dreams of something similar. It's made me see the "vehicle" You've made in me!

I wonder if sometimes You're disappointed in mine? Glad, maybe for the studying (the fueling) and preparing... but saddened that I have happily "parked" this vehicle of Yours in my bedroom day after day after day and have kept it there. Woe! Do You long to get behind my "will" to drive me where You "will" for me to go in order to do what You want to do? Surely You have fueled me (filled me!) to go!.... Ugh, do You wonder though now why I still sit?

Huge, Lord! That's huge! I do hear You talking to me. Talk on, dear Lord, and open my heart and my mind, as well as my eyes to see and my ears to hear. Move me!! Help me to be willing to go... and to do what You want me to do... whatever and wherever that is!.. and when!.....

Man, that was a little over a year ago when I wrote that, as I sat in my room most of my days studying. Who knew then where He'd have me now in the midst of a half a dozen prisons?... and the list growing to more quite rapidly? I guess when You tell God that you're willing to be moved that it doesn't take Him long to rev-up your engine. It seems that we've been burning up the roads every since... even while I'd forgotten that I told Him I'd go. :)

Ah, dear Lord, rev-up the engines of my own kids. Fire them up, fuel them to go, and send them out into the world to reveal Your Glory! To shine Your Light! To carry another! To do the work that the Father is still working to get done! Fill them with Your Spirit, God, fill them to FULL... so that they won't be empty and seeking another lesser false filling. As You rode into Jerusalem, Jesus, on a donkey to do what You came that Your Father sent You to do... ride inside me, and my husband, and those babes of mine... continuing what Your Father wants done with and inside all of us! Jesus, take the "will"...........!!!!!!!!

P.S. By the way, my son did get his vehicle :)... But my daughter is still waiting on hers.

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