Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Tabor ~ A letter to that man-child of mine.

Dear Tabor,

Hey you cute thang!

What do I write to the only man-child of my life? Do you have any idea how special you are? How much you mean to me? How proud I am of you? How much I believe in you in all that God surely plans for you to do?

I prayed for a man-child… and God gave me you. And I’ve been smitten by that smile and charm of yours since the minute you entered this earth!

You’re such a sweet heart, Tabor Lee. You have such a tender heart toward people. Such a caring heart. A forgiving heart. A believing heart. An encouraging one. A pleasing one. One that wants and is willing to serve. So many people look up to you. You are such a leader. And that’s not just because of that charm you’ve got, that’s because it’s a gift that you’ve been given by our Creator.

Remember that picture of you walking with fishing pole in hand, tennis-shoed, shirtless, with jeans? As you know I cried the first time I saw it, because I saw your future in its symbolism. I KNOW that God (in however He wants and plans to do it) will make you into a fisherman of men. For Him, for His name sake, for His Kingdom, for His Glory. You can decide whether to follow Him or not…. but it’s already obvious that He has given you a heart that wants to. You may do things sometimes that you know you ought not do, but He always tells on you and turns you around from the wrong path that you started making steps toward. How good God of to do that! How blessed we are when He corrects us. He tells us He disciplines those He loves… and boy, I don’t know that God lets you get away with anything ((*smile*)). That, my dear child, is a compliment!!! May He never let you get away with anything… so that He can keep you close in the palm of His hand and in righteousness.

Life is hard. It’s so serious. There are so many decisions to make. A zillion daily. Each daring you to make the right one. Satan does his best to lure us with some many very tempting bait. You’re bigger than that, stronger than that, more courageous than that, better than that, and have a greater end planned than that. Don’t let the enemy snag you and trap you into a place that is almost impossible to get out of once gotten into. If not for God, then we’d all stay imprisoned to all the crazy things we fell for. God knows we’ll fall, that’s why He sent a Savior. But don’t ever stay there. Living in a pit is no kind of life to be living! Remember the verse that Buddy just spoke on not so many Sundays ago, “The prudent (the wise men) see danger and seek refuge, the simple (the foolish) keep on going and suffer for it.” Sin has its price… as well, as right does! Everything costs! But sins price is a whole lot harder in the end than the right is.

I love you! I’m proud of you! I have such hopes for you! And I cannot wait to see what God has planned for you! Indeed, He does have a purpose and plan and will for us. May you walk in His plan… and you will live the abundant supernatural Life that Jesus offers. Be a mighty warrior!!! And remember whose side of the war you’re on. Remember who and what you’re fighting for. Don’t forget that this life is a fight! Overcome evil with good. And always turn and help the wounded (or lost) warriors around you! This life’s a fight together. Be a hero in the eyes of the Lord. A man like David with a heart after God’s Own! Read God’s word like it was written to you personally… because it was! It is encouraging, inspiring, equipping, healing, and empowering. There’s no other thing like it in this world. And too, surround yourself by other Christians on fire for their God… so that your fire can burn hotter while you walk this earth.

I love you more than my life itself! May God blow your mind in the wonders of Him!

I love you, Tabor Lee!

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