Friday, March 2, 2012

Stunned to silence

I've had a tremendous day with my Savior! Basking in His Bread! Feasting on His Word! Filling up with His Truth! Being awed again over more of His wonder! Listening to His voice! Hearing Him speak. Begging for more! It's so GOoD, I cannot get enough!

All in all, it was a very good day! 

I left near the peak of my evening on an errand. In my vehicle, because of my day, I was filled to spill. And so, spill I did! I praised my God for His GOoDness! I thanked Him for His Word! I asked for His forgiveness, for His mercy, for His grace! And thanked Him that His mercies are new every morning! That His grace was sufficient for the day! That His Son died in order to forgive us. That His love never fails! That He never leaves nor forsakes.

I pleaded with Him to forgive all the things that I knew I needed forgiving for. For my meanness. For my stubbornness. For my rebellion. For my lips that I had sealed to silence in their sadness. For all of my ugliness. For all the times that I wasn't honoring Him in my living. For all the times that I failed, because of my wrong, to bring Him glory.

I felt His favor upon me. I felt Him wash me clean.

And then, I proceeded to thank Him for my day. To thank Him for my filling! To thank Him for drawing me closer! To thank Him for letting me feel Him!

I then asked Him for His wisdom, His answer, His knowing to things that I didn't know. To questions that I need answers to. To things I'm desperate for Him to show.

And then wildly, I had a different knowing. A knowing that I knew that I'd known before. It wasn't the question that I had previous put before Him. But it was an old knowing that I felt Him put again (after all these years) before my face. I grinned at the wonder! I told Him with my words quite forcibly, "Lord, I know... I know... I know....................."

And before I could finish my sentence, I looked to my left as I was driving. I was stunned speechless. My jaw fell in awe! For there before me (without it even have rained upon me, though threatening to) was the most vivid double rainbow that I'd ever laid my eyes on! What I was fixing to say that "I know" to.... I felt He reverberated before I could utter it with, "Sharon, it was MY promise!"

And I was awe-struck to silent!!! Dumb-founded! Utterly so! 

I looked to my right and the sun shone brilliantly through the white puff of clouds that hung there, the rays from the sun shone in sharded slices as it pierced through their puffiness.

My mouth was still hung wide open. As I continued to drive, my mouth just hung there! I couldn't utter a word. Tears welled up and pooled in my eyes. And finally, when words were finally spoken, I told Him with head shaking that He had, "stunned me to silence!  Lord, I'm utterly speechless! Indeed, it is Your promise! It's Your word that was sent! May it be as You have said! Because, Lord, Your Word is sent for a purpose! And it accomplishes the thing that You sent if forth to accomplish."

Woe at the God that we serve! He's real and ready and working! He's still speaking! He still has lots to say! He's still doing! And He wondrously often includes us in that whatever it is that He does!

I'm overwhelmed today (again) at His wow-ness! Of His promise! Of my knowing.... because of what He's told me and made known!

It may rain... it may storm... the winds may blow... the thunder roar..... but then after all that show, there still hangs His reminder of what my God has promised, of what He's said, of what He plans to bring about because He's said it!

Wild in hindsight when thinking about it, He'd been telling me all day long to believe Him for what He's said! That Abraham believed and that it was credited to him for righteousness. That He still speaks today. And He still does all that He's told us! He'd been prepping and preparing me. He'd been trying (again) in all manner of ways to get His point across!

Satan loves to question us with that same old question that he used to Eve in the garden, "Did God really say?" 

Yep! Because of God's saying and then His kind reminders, I can say again today that, "Yes, indeed, God really did!"

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  1. I've been hovering over this passage all day long (for a whole different reason than anything that has to do with this post)... upon returning to it just now though, I almost gasp as I read it with a whole new seeing!

    "Do not put out the Spirit's fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt." ~ 1 Thess 5:19-20

    How about GOD'S WORD Translation: "Don't put out the Spirit's fire. Don't despise what God has revealed."

    Or Darby's: "quench not the Spirit; do not lightly esteem prophecies;".

    Woe! I suppose I wouldn't have seen it. Wouldn't have put two and two together to add up to this had I not been studying Abraham today... And had it not been pointed out in the study that I was doing that Abraham wasn't only a patriarch, but Abraham was also called "a prophet" (Gen 20:7) because of the prophetic word given him that hadn't yet come true when it was given.

    Thus, adding that two and two together.... it seems to equal that when God reveals something to you, it too is called a prophetic word! Right? And if that's so, this scripture is reminding me NOT to put out the Spirit's fire by lightly esteeming it, or showing contempt for it, or despising what's been revealed! If God's truly said it, if it's a prophetic word, if it's been entrusted to me and it hasn't happened yet.............. Oh Sovereign Lord, may I believe as Abraham did... and may it be credited (like him) to me as righteousness! May I value it, believe it, honor it, wait for it, and NOT put out the Spirit's fire or quench the Spirit that's revealed it!

    Woo! Me thinks it wasn't by coincidence! Me thinks it was the Spirit that had me "hovering" over this passage on purpose!!! Me thinks God is pounding what He's said! Me thinks He's showing off a bit!!!!