Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's just play money.

September 2004

David Evans came by our house on Monday, this past Labor Day. My kids were sitting at the bar playing Monopoly. Sabrina was teary-eyed and frowny-faced... She had no money! She had landed on Tabor's property and she owed him rent. She had no money to pay him. I said, "Sabrina, that happens in life all the time, baby. People spend their money elsewhere and when the rent's due, there's not enough money to pay it. He can't kill you for it or anything."This did NOT make her feel any better! Her face still frowned. She still wanted to cry. Her countenance was downcast and her head was hanging.David Evans then puts his two cents in and tells her, "Sabrina, it's just a game. It's just play money. In a little while you'll both put the game up, and put all the play money back in its box, and you'll be no worse off, you'll have no less than what you started with...."

And I thought....

God must look at us sometimes and think the same thing. It's just play money!... It'll all go back in the box when the game's over!... You won't go out with any less than you came in with..... Except[!] maybe riches in Glory that are greater than any riches we can see and fight for on this earth. Or not! Are we living and playing for the earthly game... with all its fake stuff? Or, for our Eternal One that's real? Do we get frown-faced and cry over the temporary things and temporary problems? Or is our minds set on Kingdom business? Do we not need to be reminded sometimes that most of this stuff here is not real, or less real anyway? And that the invisible is more real than the visible here ever will be?

It's just play money. One day the game will be over..............................

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