Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Follow Jesus on Twitter - what it might have been like

My daughter introduced me to this video. I've watched it a thousand times since. I love the imagination (and some of the KNOWING) of what the twittering feed might have read like by the different whos that tweeted them in Jesus' day had they had Twitter like we do. I love seeing what Peter might have said. Or John. Or the Pharisees. Or the woman at the well. Etc. What would we have said if we had seen Him and tweeted our thinking? Tweeted our feelings? Or Facebooked them? Would we have clicked to "follow" Him or not? Do we say we'll follow Him... then don't? Do we only "follow" what we don't mind what He's told us to do, but un-follow Him when we're offended by (or don't like or agree with) what He's telling us? Do we "follow" one minute... then un-follow the next? Is that really following at all? Pilate said, "What shall I do with Jesus?".... What DO WE do with Him? What "shall" we do with Him? Do I mind Him on one thing, but don't mind Him on another? He was crucfified... He died... He rose... so that I could! So that I can die to self, too, and let Him live again in me! So that with His Spirit I can have the power to... even when at first when I don't want to. I want to FOLLOW FULLY! In all things! In everything! I don't want to just tweet it.... I want to feet it in my actions!

Here is a typed copy of the video's wording....

What's happening [on Twitter]: Prepare the way for the Lord. [Click Post]

Andrew: Could this be the Messiah? (1:33pm)

Peter: We have found the Christ! (1:34pm)

Andrew: @Peter Goodbye fishing! (1:34pm)

Peter: I will follow @Jesus anywhere! (9:13am)

Peter clicks @Jesus and then Follow. It now shows he's "Following."

Philip: He's the one Moses talked about (2:00pm)

Nathanael: But can anything good come from Nazareth? (2:03pm)

Philip: @Nathanael Come and see!

Nathanael (like Peter) clicks @Jesus and then Follow and is now Following Him.

James: Large crowds gather around Him.

John: Everyone is amazed!

Peter: He's healing diseases!

James: A paralyzed man just walked. #unbelievable

Pharisee#1: Hmmm... interesting.

Jesus' Followers are growing... it clicks from 100, to 101, 102, 103......109

Fisherman#1: His words ring so true.

Fisherman#2: Love our enemies too?! Wow.

Fisherman#1: Adultery, Divorce, Giving, Prayer... He's teaching on everything.

YoungScholar: @Fisherman#1 And with real authority. #amazing

SamaritanWoman: Unbelievable! A Jew spoke to me today. He knew everything about me.

SamaritanWoman: Could this be the Christ?

Jesus' Followers: 4,995, 4,996, 4,997, 4,998......5,003

Peter: He just fed thousands with only a handful of fish and bread!

Andrew: @Peter And there were leftovers!

Pharisee#1: He claims to be God himself! #blasphemy

Pharisee#2: He's been healing on the Sabbath.

Pharisee#1: He thinks he can forgive sins! #unfollowJesus

17,563, 17,564, 17,565, 17,564,17,563, 17,562 [going down]

James: Many followers are starting to turn away. #sad

John: I guess his teaching is starting to offend people.

Scripture of the Day: He was despised and rejected by mankind.

Jesus' Followers: 15,208, 15,207, 15,206, 15,205, 15,203, 15,202

Caiaphas Direct Message to Chief Priests and Elders:

   Caiaphas: We must arrest this man.

Caiaphas: Talk to his disciples, Judas.

Andrew: Gathered with disciples for supper. #Passover

Peter: Something feels strange tonight.

Philip: Jesus just said one of us will betray him.

John: Surely not me!

Philip: And he said we'll all abandon him tonight.

Peter: NEVER! Even if I have to die, I will never stop following Jesus.

Jesus' Followers: 13,001, 13,000, 12,999, 12,998

James: Jesus is distraught and overwhelmed with grief.

John: It's very late... pray we can stay awake.

Jesus' Followers: 10,313, 10,312, 10,311, 10,310, 10309

Peter: A large crowd is coming!

Guard#1: We have Jesus! Let's take him to the high priest.

Guard#2: Look at his disciples flee!

Scripture of the Day: "I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered."

7,604 7,603, 7,602, 7,601, 7,600, 7,599, 7,598, 7,597, 7,596, 7,595

ChiefPriest: @Council He has spoken blasphemy!

Council Member#1: He says he'll destroy the temple and rebuild it in 3 days.

Council Member#2: He's worthy of death!

5,007, 5,006, 5,005, 5,004, 5,003, 5,002........4,990,

Servant Girl#1: I thought I saw a disciple, but he denied following Jesus.

Servant Girl#2: H denied it to me too!

Peter: I SWEAR I do not know the man! [Peter clicks: Following... to Unfollowed

Pilate: @Crowd What should I do with Jesus?


Pilate: My hands are clean.

2,155, 2,154, 2,153...........................................2,141

Soldier#1: Ordered to beat and torture Jesus.

Soldier#2: Who would ever FOLLOW this man?

Soldier#3: Let's get him to Golgotha.

Soldier#1: @Soldier#3 Make him carry his own cross!

1,005, 1,004, 1,003, 1,002, 1,001, 1,000, 999, 998, 997, 996, 995, 994, 993, 992, 991, 990, 989,

Soldier#2: Apparently he can save others but he can't save himself.

Local#1: He's speaking! Something to his Father.

Scripture of the Day: "Into Your hands I commit My spirit."

Local#2: It just got really dark.

Priest: AERT! The curtain in the temple just tore in two!

Centurion: Surely this was an innocent man.

Scripture of the Day: "He was pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities."

TombGuard: @ChiefPriest Sir, the tomb is secure.

Scripture of the Day: "Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer, and rise again from the dead the third day."

MaryMagdalene: Walking to the tomb.

MaryMagdalene: Speechless. [picture.. the stone is rolled away!]

Jesus' Followers: 100, 102,.........................................12,707,...........................17, Follow


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