Friday, March 16, 2012

Glod bless you

I walked into the midst of a worship service of teenagers singing to tell of their hearts to Jesus. It was moving to watch. And then, across the big-screen which held the words that they were singing were these: "Glod bless you."

Glod bless you. A misprint for certain. A typo for sure. But. Glod bless you? I couldn't quit thinking about it.

How often do we seek a blessing in something other than our Savior? People seek sex outside of marriage in order to earn the blessing of love. It doesn't work. Some seek a blessing in drugs to take us to the heights of some ultimate feeling. Or, they seek the drug to bless them as it masks their inner feeling that doesn't feel good, that hurts, that begs to be medicated in order not to be felt. It might disguise temporarily, but it doesn't work either. Those drinking alcohol also seek alcohol's blessing, hoping it'll help them to fit in or to be respected; or like a drug, drown some unwanted feeling to feel good. Some seek a blessing in their next purchase, or if not done honestly, taking something that's not theirs. And yet, stuff, things, items can't satiate and satisfy. It won't fill what's lacking and empty and longing for fulfillment inside.

In my mind it seems to all boil down to this: Glod can't bless you! You'll never find your blessing in Glod! Glod won't ever fulfill you! Glod will never satisfy you! Glod can never do it for you! Glod will always fail! Glod will never work! Don't seek your blessing from "Glods"!

May God bless you!... because He will (for all eternity) be blessing enough!

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