Friday, March 2, 2012

Love is kind. But love doesn't lie.

I was thinking (mostly due to a certain thing that just happened) and I thought: Love covers... because love is kind. But love doesn't lie.

Love cares. It supports. It takes care of. It does as God says, it "covers a multitude of sins." But love also looks after best interest. And again, love doesn't deceive, it doesn't tell lies.

Love is tender. It protects. It shields. But, love doesn't conceal truth.  

Love is kind (as spoken above). But love doesn't lie! Love is gentle. But love doesn't pacify.

Love doesn't enable what it shouldn't. It doesn't support by hiding what's wrong by pretending it's not. It doesn't look over what it needs to address. Yes, love shields, but it doesn't shield when it needs to show! Love cares too much to pretend it doesn't know. 

Love is willing to be hurt.... but sometimes, too, love in order to heal, love sometimes hurts.

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