Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where is yesterday, Lord?

What do You do with yesterday, Lord?

Do You have it?

Do You keep it?

Is it sitting beside You somewhere? Or maybe behind You in a corner?

Do You keep it in Your pocket? Or save it some place safe in Your cabinet?

Is it still around?

Some of mine are....

Does Yours visit with You as mine sometimes does me? What do You think of it if it does?

Some yesterdays were mean, Lord. What do You do with those?

Do You use them? Dispose them? Bury them deep in a hole?

Does Yesterday mingle with Today as well as Tomorrow? Is all Time the same to You? How does all that work?

If You are the God Who Is, the God Who Was, and the God Who Is Yet to Come all at the very same time.... then, what is Yesterday to you in comparison to ours?

Does the God Who Is and the God Who Was invite our yesterdays to our today? Does the God Who Is To Come use our yesterdays to make better tomorrows?

Where is yesterday, Lord? What do You do with it?

Do You use it?

You do, don't You, Lord? You mix it with our today and rework it to make it good.

If we give them to You, will You heal our yesterdays, Lord?

Will You bring them into submission? Ransom them, redeem them, restore them... and use them for Your Glory.... no matter how bad they were when they were happening?

Will You take my yesterday, Lord, and bring beauty from its ashes? Will You take them to be a witness of my Savior, to be a Display of Your Splendor?

To You, Who makes everything beautiful in its Time (Ecc 3:11).... I trust You with my yesterday.

Take my yesterday, Lord... and make it beautiful in the Time that You mean to!


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