Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Update from last night (after yesterday's post)....

And... as this post's title reads: THAT WAS SOOOOOOO MUCH FUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!

I bet I echoed that a thousand times after I got home last night. "Oh, that was so much fun!" "That was so much fun!" "That was sooo muuuuch FUN!" The kids eventually started mocking me and echoing me as well. But, I'd been filled to spill.... and I couldn't put a lid on it. It's excitement kept spilling out of me every time I opened my mouth. My heart was full... and my tongue had to tell of it!

Woo! God has just opened a door that the whole campus wants to flock to. The debilitating part of it is that our space is so limited. And sadly, too, our time!

Look at me. I'm a constant glutton. Give me a little... and I want more. Yet in this case we've already been given a LOT... and this "lot" has only whetted my appetite.... and from this one spark, my vision (my want!) has sparked to much greater wanting! It'd be too long to even begin to write here of all of my mind's dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!! But trust me on this.... the wheels are turning!!! And I'm so excited where this might could lead that I can hardly stand it!!!!

It was perfect! It was fun! The girls loved it! The warden loved it! The instructors loved it! The chaplain loved it! The participating officers loved it! The UN-participating officers (those that chose to be by-standers gawking and laughing at our ridiculousness) loved it! And now... we ALL left with a "continual lust for more"!!! We are GREATLY anticipating our Thursday night's meeting!

Oh Lord, talk about me dreaming.... I'm sure my mind cannot even being to fathom where Your mind is going on this. What Your plans are! What Your purpose in all of this is. I'm sure that  my mind can only think "this" far.... while Your mind KNOWS and Your mind has NO LIMIT! And thankfully, Lord, not only do You have the knowing, and the unfathomation (made-up word) of it.... but You've also got the power and the ability to accomplish it! You, dear Lord, can turn the heart of a king....... and oh my, how clearly obvious that is here!!! You so blow my mind! Do this thing, Lord! Raise up Your Kingdom behind the fenced in walls of a prison. Change and transform these girls from the INside while they're on the inside... to then send them out so that others can see You! I cannot wait. My excitement has me holding my breath and hardly breathing..........................

I feel (I KNOW!) that I can only see the tip of the ice burg.... and what lies beneath this thing that's started (that is only one, lately of so many) that's yet to be revealed has me baffled to speechlessness! I left our Zumba class and after quickly changing ran to our Bible study. I sat there stunned as I told our group of girls there, "Oh my goodness, girls.... I think we have no idea what's about to happen. Ya'll may not can see it from where ya'll are sitting.... but girls, God's favor and focus is ALL OVER this prison!" I told them to pray... to pray like they've never prayed before.... because God is opening doors and doing things that doesn't make sense to man. May He finish what He's started......... and rock our worlds, blowing our minds and changing our lives forever eternally with His wonder! May He light a fire inside those walls whose fire is wildly contagious! May He (as I prayed on the very first night that I ever walked in) turn this Maximum Security Women's Prison into a Maximum Security-IN-Jesus-Christ Facility. May He raise up mighty warriors and send them out doing His Kingdom's Business when they leave. Wow, woe, whoa..... there is no limit of what can be done with Him!

Thank You, dear Jesus, for this incredibly wild adventure and opportunity that You've allowed me to be a part of! Give me vision... and boldness.... and may every day I be about doing all that You've purposed and called and planned for me to do in this wondrous plan that You've come up with. I never could have guessed all this..... and now, You've got my engines roaring! Point me in the direction.. and fuel me.... guiding me and empowering me every single step of my way! Awed! I'm simply awed at my Savior and at all the work that He's done and is STILL doing! Glory! Glory! Glory! I love You, Jesus!

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